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Ah, what a glorious evening. It was as fine as any other to begin Her Imperious Condescension's work. That, and if I had done it in the morning it would have been disastrous for my health; us trolls aren't quite keen to the sun, except for one particular caste of mid blood. In fact, if we were to go out in the sun, we would have to wear protective eyewear just so… I digress. Perhaps I should get back to the main point I had been trying to establish.
I was traveling down the stone roads that lined the entire kingdom of Raniteal, on my way to deliver a message of utmost urgency. The sun was barely falling from the sky, and the moons could be seen emerging from the horizon. There was a wonderful smell of freshly fallen leaves and trimmed plant life, and the breeze was gentle upon my heavily toned form. Oh how I lived for days like this where I could enjoy the splendors of life.
On this day, however, I was not traveling alone. One of the mid bloods, whom I had become very fond of in the past few months, accompanied me. Her name was Leonii Prosur. She was a strange troll, and quite shorter than most. Even so, what she lacked in height she made up in ferocity and energy. The both of us had just been talking about how she would go out at night with her friends to hunt. As much as I understood how much her kind needed to kill for food, I still thought the act was… unpleasant.
"I'm telling you," I sighed, "there is a reason that the low bloods are foraging and farming for all of us. You shouldn't be hunting out at night, what with undead trolls wandering about and the local populace still enraged at us."
"You're no fun," Lenoii mumbled, "I've never been hurt in any of the hunts before. Besides, I got these!" Leonii pointed to the cat paw coverings that were unceremoniously strapped to her feet and hands as well as a fur headband most likely made from the same animal. The paws on her hands still had the claws attached, which she most likely used as her weapons, and the headband held back her black hair and showed off her orange, catlike horns. Aside from that there was nothing impressive; just a shirt with her caste symbol and a pair of leggings.
"I can see that you are more than capable of combat. It's just that if you ever get injured, or worse, killed, I would never be able to forgive myself for not being there to help."
"Awww," Leonii chuckled, "I'll never get hurt or killed, Vipaka! Just you see; I'll make you proud to be my moirail!" She flexed her arms as we walked, making it look like she was some walking display of muscular vanity. Leonii was the kind of troll who had not a single care in the world; not that this carelessness ever clouded her judgment, of course. I suppose when you're as energetic and powerful as she was you didn't really need to care about such trivial things as what happens tomorrow. She just sort of… lives in the moment, one could say.
I smirked. "You've made me proud enough of you already, Leonii Prosur. Now, let us travel onward to the low blood hive cluster and deliver the message-"
Suddenly, as neither of us had been paying attention to our walk path, I bumped into someone. Because of my strength I stood fast, but the other troll fell to the ground with a soft thump. It was a young Legislacerator neophyte. I at first assumed he was on his way to the training grounds for an early start. After all, he was clad in his red and teal Legislacerator uniform and armed with his sword of justice. However, this was far too early for a typical neophyte to begin his training regimen. "H-Hey, big guy," the Legislacerator groaned, "watch where you're going next time, will you?"
"My apologies, Neophyte," I respectfully replied, "I had not been paying attention to the road ahead of me. However, I am on urgent business and I do not wish to argue with a Legislacerator at this time, so my moirail and I shall be on our way."
"Hey, hey," he smiled, trying to stand up, "easy there, big guy. I didn't mean to start any trouble. I wasn't paying attention to the road, either. The name's Frelsi Emnsol. I'm one of the favored neophytes of the High Legislacerator. Not that I'm too proud of it… she forces me to get up early and train alone." Frelsi looked over at Leonii, then back at me. "Well I can't very well call you nameless one and two can I? What are your names?"
"I am Vipaka Ahrens," I answered proudly, "Member of Her Imperious Condescension's court and representative of the Blue Blood Knights. This is Leonii Prosur," I motioned to her as I spoke, "She is my moirail and my most trusted ally."
"And don't you forget it!" Leonii said ecstatically as she started making boxing motions that, with her cat paws on her hands, made it look like she was a little kitten batting a string.
Frelsi nodded attentively, clearly amused. "I'll be sure not to."
"So," I asked, "how goes living with the Legislacerators? I hear that demands are pretty high for someone of your caste."
"Yea, that they are," Frelsi grumbled. "I have to keep every law within my head, every form of justice close to my heart, and every part of my conscience aware. It's still not a bad life, though. I can't imagine anything different, nor would I want to."
"I heard about the peasant girl. Such a thing happening in our society is absolutely inexcusable."
"Yea," Frelsi nodded sullenly, "that it is."
"I-I apologize, Neophyte, I did not mean t-to intrude upon darker thoughts." Leonii poked my side, letting me know I was being socially awkward again. I stood rigid, almost in a militaristic pose, so that I could assume a fresh state of mind, just as Leonii had trained me to.
"Hey, it's all cool big guy," Frelsi chuckled as he forced a smile, "you were only trying to make a conversation."
"Hey, Mister Neophyte?" Leonii asked as she raised her hand high into the air. I motioned for her to put her hand down but she kept on waving it into the air like a child.
"You can just call me Frelsi."
"Okay, Frelsi, I have a question. Would the Legislacerators take me in as one of their own? I mean, I tried to ask before but nobody would tell me!"
Frelsi smiled as kindly as he could, but I could tell it was the same smile he would use if he were being asked the same question by a rust blood peasant. "The Legislacerators are an age old tradition amongst my blood caste," Frelsi explained, "and as such there are traditions that we must uphold. One of those traditions is that no outsiders of our blood caste may hold the title of Legislacerator. You may ally yourself with us, but joining our ranks is out of the question." Then he leaned closer and whispered to Leonii, "Though between you and me I would highly recommend you stay away from our traditions as much as possible. Being a Legislacerator is not just about the physical prowess, but also about the strength of mind and the ability to make decisions. It really becomes a handful when you have to keep track of all the teachings we have to offer."
"Awww," Leonii giggled, "now I feel sorry for you. I think someone needs a hug!" Without warning, she grabbed hold of Frelsi, tighnening her grip around his waist as she nuzzled his stomach. At first I thought he was going to become agitated or frightened, as most trolls did when she did this, but instead he just laughed and returned the hug. There was something unique about this Legislacerator; it would seem that his openness to justice and his knowledge of laws made him a sort of middle ground for the whole caste system. He was as strong and knowledgeable as a high blood, but as kind and gentle as a low blood. Truly he was the image of equality that Her Imperious Condescension was aiming for.
When the two of them broke the hug Frelsi was still chuckling. He patted Leonii on her head and held out his hand to me. "M-My apologies," I stuttered, "I-I realize you wish to shake my hand, but my blood caste is known for our s-superior strength. If I were to s-shake your hand as I would with a fellow knight I would crush every bone in it."
"Oh, right," Frelsi slapped his own forehead in a gesture of forgetfulness, "how could I be so dumb? Anyway, I have to get going, so," Frelsi stood straight, giving me an honorable salute, "as you both were. Have an excellent evening."
"You too!" Leonii replied happily
"Y-Yes, we shall," I nodded.
And so the young Legislacerator departed, making his way to the training grounds of his blood kin to do what was demanded of him by his superior. Long after he had disappeared from my field of vision, though, I still stood there. At first Leonii was wondering why I didn't budge from my spot, but then she realized exactly what was going on.
"You're sweating again, aren't you?" Leonii sighed almost impatiently.
"Y-Yes, it would appear so."
"… Want me to get you a towel?"
"T-That would be m-most excellent."
Next chapter.

I kinda wanted a thing similar to the deal going on with Nepeta and Equius, so I did just that. It's really similar.

Also, just so you know, Leonii isn't an uncreative name I made based on Leo, but I actually based it on the Napoleonic code, since Leonii is very short.

Trolls and Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie
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