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May 27, 2011
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Applejack had just finished the day's round of applebucking when the Doctor landed the TARDIS right in the middle of her barn. Startled by the sudden intrusion she waited for the wooden blue box to materialize, and then she went over to the doors and knocked. They immediately swung open, almost seemingly throwing the Doctor out onto the floor. He scrambled around for a moment, trying to reorient himself atop all of the hay, and then finally he stood up, brushing the bits of it out of his coat.
"And what in tarnation are you doin' in our barn at this hour in the afternoon?"
"Scouting," The Doctor announced, "I'm scouting for things that need to be… scouted out, do you realize how uncomfortable this hay is?" He kept pulling out the small pieces that had been lodged in his clothes, and just as he did he kept on talking. "I just came back from dropping everyone else off at home, so I decided to come here, since I haven't checked this stop yet."
"Does this have to do with the missin' ponies?" Applejack asked.
"Yes, yes it does." Applejack raised an eyebrow and smirked at the Doctor.
"Y'all makin' sure us girls are alright?"
"Applejack, you flatter the gentleman in me," The Doctor straightened his bowtie and smiled widely. Applejack couldn't help but chuckle as he did so.
"Why do you wear a bowtie anyhow?"
"Bowties are cool," The Doctor muttered. "Now, how many ponies do you think have disappeared in the past week?"
"Gosh, I dunno, Doc," Applejack scratched her mane, "I reckon at least two dozen. They just seem to up and vanish. They don't leave no notes, they don't take nothin' with 'em, they just go on and… disappear."
"I see," The Doctor nodded, and motioned for Applejack to follow him. He jumped back inside the TARDIS, and as Applejack did follow he immediately began messing with the controls. "I only have enough charge left for a single trip. Not through time, not through space, but just a simple spot movement across the planet. That makes this all the more sensible."
"Where we headed, Doc?"
"The only place the TARDIS will take me if I'm low on a charge in this dimension," The Doctor smiled, and threw the brakes off.

It was already noontime, and Twilight Sparkle was catching up on a little bedtime reading session when she heard that same, familiar sound. The grinding noise of the Doctor's marvelous machine filled the air as she ran outside to meet the Doctor. By the time Twilight opened the door the TARDIS had fully materialized, and both the Doctor and Applejack stepped out. The Doctor and Twilight immediately embraced, almost yelling out with joy.
"What brings you out here at such an hour, Doctor?" Twilight Sparkle tried to contain her enthusiasm, but it simply would not hold.
"Applejack and I are going to follow through with a little test. Fortunately or unfortunately for you, whatever case it may be, we've chosen you as the subject of our test."
"You mean, you two are going to…"
"Sleep over!" The Doctor clapped his hooves once and knocked on the TARDIS door.
"Oh wow!" Twilight Sparkle beamed, "Doctor, I've never been the subject of a test before! What are we going to do?" The Doctor smiled, but there was something else behind that boyish grin of his. A hint of frustration was lingering on the edges of his face.
"Well, do you remember those missing ponies?"
"Don't tell me," Twilight Sparkle mumbled, "You've gathered everyone up to my house so that you can make sure we're all not going to be targeted by whoever is doing this?" Before the Doctor could say anything in objection Rainbow Dash stuck her head out from the TARDIS. She smirked nervously.
"Hehe… is this a bad time?"
"Yes," The Doctor replied, "that's exactly what we're going to do."

The majority of the night was turned into a party, as per what Pinkie Pie did best. Against the Doctor's better judgment he let her bring her saddlebags, which contained all the necessary ingredients for a 'perfect party' as she had so put it. It didn't take her long to unpack the massive bags and bring out everything she had prepared: balloons, cupcakes, cakes, punch, a record player, and Gummy were some of the things that she had carried along with her. The Doctor felt that if it was going to be a party he might as well dance. So he danced, despite the laughter he got from the other ponies. Pinkie Pie and Rarity cheered him on while Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle were on the floor laughing.
"Doctor, you are absolutely terrible!" Twilight managed to gasp. This only made Applejack join in on the laughter, and pretty soon those laughing joined in on the Doctor's dancing. Pinkie pie not only joined in, but threw in a couple of her own dance moves into the mix. The Doctor found some of them to be just as fun when he tried them out.
"Just keep on dancing!" Pinkie Pie giggled. And so the Party lasted deep into the night. Ponies shared stories, had some cake, and played many different games. Before any of the ponies knew it was already bed time, and not long after the first pony called it a night, the others soon followed. All except for the Doctor, who kept watch over all of them. He waited attentively, watching as the others rested. He noted that nothing happened for two hours. It was at exactly three in the morning that something did occur.

Twilight Sparkle did not sleep in her bed that night, instead choosing to sleep on the floor with the others. She was the one who slept closest to the mirror. The Doctor thought that it was his own mind causing the glass to shimmer, but upon closer inspection he noticed it began to ripple. As quickly as he had noticed it, a metal hoof shot out from the glass, grabbing Twilight Sparkle's tail. She jerked awake, and immediately tried to resist.
"No, no, no, no!" The Doctor yelled, and he ran over to help her. The others were already stirring awake, but their shifting bodies made it harder for the Doctor to run across to the mirrors. With one final scream Twilight Sparkle was dragged into the mirror, and it rippled one last time before going completely flat.
"Doctor," Pinkie Pie mumbled, "why did you wake us up so early?"
"Twilight Sparkle… oh no you don't." The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver, and activated it on the mirror. Instantly an object behind the mirror sparked, and the mirror itself returned to its rippling form. The Doctor put his screwdriver away and looked behind the mirror, only to be faced with a large, metal, slug like creature.
"Aha! Cybermat," The Doctor grinned cleverly, "They're using cybermats to establish a portal link to another dimension!"
"Doctor, what in all of Equestria are you blathering on about?" Rarity grumbled, still half asleep and irritated about being woken up so soon.
"I haven't got much time to explain… but if the cybermats are holding the portals open no matter what state said portals happen to be in, that must mean dimensional energies are equal on either side." The Doctor reached out and touched the mirror. It rippled like water, but it clung to his hoof like muck. It was almost as though his arm were being covered in mercury. "Blimey, that's not something you get used to…"
"Doctor, what's going on?" Rainbow Dash watched in amazement as the mirror clung to the Doctor's fur.
"It's a portal," The Doctor smiled, feeling a slight tug on his hoof from the mirror, "and I think I know where it might lead. Okay, before I travel across to the other side I will need to take some of you with me. Applejack, Pinkie, I need you both to come with me. The rest of you need to stand guard and make sure that cybermat does not get into any trouble. Hold my hoof, Applejack, and Pinkie you do the same with Applejack." They both complied, making a chain. Pinkie Pie shook nervously, and Applejack gritted her teeth in excitement. "Now, this will feel mighty interesting… as for the rest of you, that cybermat might just be our only chance of getting out of here alive, so for God's sake-" The Doctor didn't get to finish his statement as he was forcibly pulled into the portal along with Applejack and Pinkie Pie.
"Doctor!" Rainbow Dash called out as all three ponies flew into another world.

The Doctor hit something cold as he fell into the other dimension, and upon looking around him he noticed that they were in the middle of an ice world. Massive pillars of snow and ice arced above their heads, and a heavy blizzard was already in effect.
"W-W-Why does it always h-h-have to be cold?!" Applejack shivered, "it a-a-ain't like every t-t-t-time we travel you have to p-pick somewhere c-c-cold!"
"I told you that our little mishap at the cryo-station had to be done," The Doctor sighed, "Krynoids are nasty things, and I would rather not have a repeat of what happened the last time I encountered them, I hate repeats!"
"D-Doctor," Pinkie Pie tried not to shiver, but she couldn't help it, "I think we n-need to find shelter. I r-really would rather we not freeze out here."
"Excellent deduction," The Doctor agreed, "we should start somewhere over there. From the looks of it there's a door hidden in those buildups of ice." The Doctor started to slowly trot over there, but the other two were impatient with the cold, and rushed over to the metal door. The Doctor smirked, and ran ahead to meet up with them.
"G-G-Get this door open!" Applejack practically thundered at the Doctor.
"Be patient!" The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and buzzed it across the crevice where the two parts of the door met. It opened up before them, and the two of them rushed inside. The Doctor walked in after them, and used his sonic screwdriver once again to shut the door.
Inside the door was a massive hallway. Steel panels partially hid the wires and pipes that went down it, and here and there were grated panels with dimly lit fixtures. The floor itself was being heated with something, so the room itself was nice and cool.
"Much better!" Pinkie Pie smiled, jumping up and down on the floor panels.
"This heat… cyber camps don't need this kind of heat, unless…"
"What's goin' on, Doc? You got somethin' on your mind?"
"The heating in the floors," The Doctor pointed with his hoof, "that shouldn't be there. Circuitry works better in the cold, since the cold naturally cools down any overheated tech. I'm thinking that this base is operated on geothermal energy."
"Who cares," Applejack replied, "we're nice and warm now, that's all fine and dandy, so let's get lookin' for Twilight! For all we know she could be in big trouble."
"Yes, of course," The Doctor nodded, "She must have been taken in here. If the portal let us out in the middle of that area, the Cybermen must have dragged her here."
"Cybermen?" Pinkie Pie repeated, "what's that?"
"The Cybermen," The Doctor began as they trotted down the hallway, "Are one of the most notorious beings in this universe. They aren't made up of just a single race, but they gather their military force from cyber conversion. They seek survival, but a form of survival gained through force. You can either be assimilated or destroyed." The hallway had ended in a fork. The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and buzzed about a few times. When he found the right path he took it and kept moving forward, all the while continuing his story as Pinkie Pie and Applejack followed along.
"There are two kinds of Cybermen I've encountered in this universe," The Doctor continued, "The first kind of Cybermen were the scourge of my dimension, having originated on the planet Mondas. Those Cybermen were all but wiped out, transcending into beings of consciousness alone. You could say the their former selves were wiped off the face of the universe. However, there is another kind of Cyberman that causes me worry." They came across a closed door, which the doctor opened with no trouble at all. The doorway led into the freezing cold once again, but this time they weren't outside. They were in a massive chamber, suspended in the air only by a tethered catwalk. On either side of the chamber were pony sized glass and steel pods, each of them labeled with a number. As the Doctor and his companions passed by they noticed the steel faces looking out at them from behind the glass.
"These Cybermen," The Doctor went on, "were made by humans in another dimension. A man by the name of John Lumic created these Cybermen to be the perfect life form, free of physical and emotional weaknesses. For these blokes, it was either be assimilated or be deleted."
"That is correct," A mechanical voice emerged from behind them, and before they could turn around a cyber converted pony had grabbed Pinkie Pie by the neck.
"Doctor, is this one of your friends?" Pinkie Pie giggled.
"Really now, you are far too rude with your women," The Doctor replied, holding his sonic screwdriver out, "you should let her go before something happens."
"You will follow, Doctor," The Cyberpony stated blankly, "you will follow and comply."
"Alright," The Doctor muttered, "We'll come with you."
"Doc, are you sure about this?" Applejack whispered to him, "They might just kill us if we follow him!"
"They'll kill Pinkie Pie if we don't," The Doctor replied. He trotted up to the Cyberpony, who had already started stomping down the catwalk. Applejack, now more nervous than ever, followed the Doctor back into the hallway; what else could she do?

They had started travelling in the other direction of the forked hallway, where the Doctor assumed they began cyber conversion. He could see several rooms, each of them shut off by a metal door with a piece of glass that was eye level. His suscpicions were confirmed when he saw a spatter of blood on one of the glass windows. Applejack saw this as well, and shuddered at the thought of what could have happened to leave that stain there. She turned around as she noticed that the Doctor was rummaging in his pockets to find something. He pulled out a wallet and flipped it open, showing its contents to Applejack. When she looked there was nothing on it, but slowly the words began to form:

When I give you the signal, kick it in
the back of the head as hard as you can.

Applejack nodded, and the Doctor winked in response. It wasn't long before they approached one of the many cyber conversion doors. The Cyberpony placed a hoof on the side panel, and immediately the door opened in recognition.
"You will proceed with cyber conversion," The Cyberpony stated to Pinkie Pie, who seemed to be having the time of her life. While the Cyberpony's head was still facing away the Doctor clicked his hoof on the ground lightly. This was the signal Applejack was waiting for, and immediately she stood on her front hooves and slammed the Cyberpony in the head with her back hooves. At first Applejack was afraid the kick did not have enough power in it, but she acknowledged Pinkie Pie's fit of laughter as she looked at the now headless Cyberpony. The headless creature toppled over and lay on the ground, completely devoid of any motion.
"You are brilliant!" The Doctor laughed.
"Best applebucker in Ponyville right here!" Applejack giggled.
"Hahaha! That robot pony is so funny!" Applejack was about to ask her what was so funny about it when she felt something grapple at her feet. It was the Cyberpony's body; crippled, but still active.
"Hostile elements will be deleted," The pony's head called from the other side of the hallway. Applejack lifted her back hooves up and out of the Cyberpony's grasp and brought them down on its torso. The head seemed to shudder as the chest chassis dented inward, and after that the creature remained silent.
"I should have known that would happen," The Doctor smirked awkwardly, "I keep forgetting about how every piece has its own radio transmitter."
"Not that I needed your help," Applejack huffed, "we did just fine all by our lonesome."
"So you did," The Doctor motioned to the two ponies," We'll need to check up ahead in the prison area. I'm more than certain that Twilight is being held captive there." They nodded, and as the Doctor took off running ahead of them they followed.

The prison area was just about fifteen doors down the hall, but it was not a simple, small place. The actual holding cells towered up to ten stories high, each with their own set of eight holding cells. The Doctor could see that out of all the holding cells only six were occupied. The Doctor recognized several ponies from Ponyville, but did not quite know who some of them where. In all he counted seventeen prisoners, among them was Twilight Sparkle, who slept in the corner with two unknown ponies. "Right," The Doctor started, "We need to get these fellows out of their cells. We were lucky before that the Cyberman… Cyberpony didn't react in time to send a distress signal and thaw out the others, but once we break these cells wide open the alarm will go off, and we won't have much time." The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and activated it. He buzzed at a panel on the wall, and immediately a map of the whole complex came up. He put his sonic screwdriver back and continued.
"Just as I thought… The portal room is in the back, right past all the other Cyberponies. Right, get to knocking on these cell doors, and tell everyone what the plan is. The lift to the upper floors is over there. Pinkie Pie, Applejack," The Doctor ran a hoof through his mane, "This may be the only chance for these ponies to escape cyber conversion. I don't know how many we've lost to that already, but all you need to focus on right now is getting out alive. Do you understand?" The two of them nodded, and proceeded to do what the Doctor had told them. The Doctor himself went to wake up Twilight Sparkle, and when he did she burst into tears.
"Doctor, thank Celestia you're here!"
"Yes, I'm here. I've always been here for you." The Doctor placed a hoof on the door of the prison, and she did the same to meet his touch. "Listen, we're going to open the doors, and it's going to wake these metal creatures. When it does I need you to run, run as fast as you can."
"Doctor," Twilight Sparkle whispered, still trying to control her tears, "the end is close, Doctor. I don't know what to say…"
"You don't have to say anything, Twilight Sparkle. Dear Twilight Sparkle; the one who saved my life, oh so many times."
"Doctor, please, this isn't easy for me to-"
"Trust me," The Doctor placed his face against the door, "Trust me… I'm the Doctor. We can get through this together." Both of them heard several of the prisoners getting up from their sleep, and they were making a heavy commotion.
"Doctor, the Cyberponies will hear!"
"Don't worry; we killed the guard on the way here."
"…Guards." Twilight Sparkle corrected. The Doctor's eyes froze in an expression of alertness, and just as he was about to check a nearby panel a blast of plasma fire hit the panel and fried it. The cell doors opened up, and all the ponies began to panic as they saw the two Cyberponies heading their way.
"Hostile elements will be deleted!" one of the Cyberponies reported monotonously.
"Yea, hostile this you metal freaks!" Susan yelled from up above, and immediately she used her horn to conjure up a lightning bolt. The electrical energy arced through the body of the Cyberponies, and they both fell to the ground, stone dead. That was when the alarm went off.
"Everybody run!" The Doctor yelled, and immediately everyone took off running with the Doctor at the lead. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver, opening any and every door in the halls they passed through. "Susan, what in the bloody hell are you doing here?! I thought I told you to stay home!"
"I did stay home, grandfather!" Susan replied, "I have a mirror at my house as well, remember?" The Doctor shook his head, but smiled soon after as they kept on running. They reached the fork in the road, and as the Doctor reached the cyrochambers he activated his sonic screwdriver to clear the path. As soon as the doors opened he could see that several of the Cyberpony cryopods were already thawing out. Their contents would be emptying out soon, so the Doctor picked up the pace. Door after door they could see more of the Cyber ponies awakening. Some of them even tried to crawl onto the catwalk.
"Kick them off!" Applejack yelled. The prisoners took no hesitation to these new orders. However, some of the Cyberponies were too fast for them, and before some of the prisoners could continue running the Cyberponies had them in their grasps, killing them instantly with an electrical charge. The carnage lasted for several minutes, until the ponies and the Doctor reached the portal room. He activated his sonic screwdriver and the door flew open. The Doctor motioned everyone to get inside. They did so in chaos, and without hesitation. As soon as everyone was inside the Doctor locked the door with his sonic screwdriver.
"Use any one of the portals; one per pony!" The Doctor called back to them, "Destroy the Cybermats when you get back home; they shouldn't be too hard to find: metal slugs stuck on the back of the mirrors!" The Doctor motioned to Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle. "You three, go on with them. I've got some last minute business to handle." Reluctantly they all nodded and proceeded to enter one of the portals. Applejack faked entering one of the portals as Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle both chose their exits. Before long the only two in the room were the Doctor and Applejack.
"Applejack, you need to join Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle on the other side. You're not safe here; I can handle myself."
"No you can't," She muttered in response, "Twilight said you can't. She tells me you need someone to protect you as much as we need you to protect us." The Doctor trotted in a circle, obviously trying to come up with a solution to this frustrating situation. "She likes you," Applejack said suddenly, "you know that, right?" The Doctor looked up at her in shock, but then his expression relaxed and he nodded slowly. Applejack smiled, trying to lessen the tension of the moment.
"So does Rainbow Dash."
"Oh come on now," The Doctor chortled, "no she does not! At least not like that!"
"But she does," Applejack insisted, "she ain't much with words, Doc, but her heart tells her more than her brain does. She knows what she needs to know, and so does Twi." The Doctor looked at her straight in the eyes. "I know that you ain't much for the lovey dovey stuff, Doc, but we all want you to be okay. So let's do this together." The Doctor bit his lip for a moment.
"Alright, Applejack," The Doctor smirked, "we go at this together." The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and opened the door. The two of them stepped onto the catwalk, where three Cyberponies were standing in wait.
"Doctor," one of the Cyberponies blankly stated, "We have reached an agreement, and are offering you a second chance. If you do not comply, we will be forced to delete you and your companion."
"Oh, if only it were that simple," The Doctor smiled, "but it isn't! You and your cold, calculating brains simply do not understand enough. Getting rid of emotions just makes things boring! All of you are just simply big silver… boringers! That's the main reason why you will never succeed, because your minds are limited; your minds are limited only to what you can calculate, while the creativity that we thinking life forms retain will keep us on the side that can never, ever lose!"
"This debate is irrelevant," another Cyberpony stated, "hostile elements will be deleted!"
"Oh, you think so?" The Doctor grinned and pointed his sonic screwdriver at the other end of the catwalk. The cables snapped, and without anything to keep it in place the other end of the path bent downward. The Cyberponies shot at the Doctor, but without any footing all of their shots missed. They fell down several feet deep into the lower cryochambers below. The catwalk, however, started to give way at the Doctor's end. He stumbled, and was just about to fall when Applejack grabbed hold of him.
"Blimey that was a close one-" The Doctor tried to say, but he was interrupted by Applejack, who kissed him lightly on the lips. The Doctor stared at her flabbergasted as she blushed lightly.
"Think of that as a repayment, sugar cube." She giggled.

When Applejack and the Doctor rushed out of the last portal the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to disable the Cybermat keeping it active. When he turned around he saw that he was in some other pony's home. The both of them laughed nervously as they tried to think of an excuse as to what they were doing in somepony else's house.

That evening Pinkie Pie threw another party, however this party was to celebrate all the missing ponies finally coming home to Equestria. The celebration was massive; even Princess Celestia and Princess Luna attended! Rarity's favorite decorations of all kinds and colors floated in the wind; food was plentiful, as it was supplied by Mr. and Mrs. Cake. Applejack's family even had some of their own contributions to the party. Music was played live, and of course where there was music the Doctor danced. He danced just as crazy as before, and everyone joined in. No pony was safe from the Doctor's incredibly crazy and fancy dance skills.
As the night winded down the Doctor found himself walking with Twilight Sparkle underneath the moonlight. Her dress sparkled dazzlingly, and it only helped add to her mystique.
"Doctor," Twilight Sparkle smiled, "I had a wonderful night. I can't believe all of this is happening; all of our adventures seem to have been building up to this moment."
"I would seem so, Twilight," The Doctor nodded in agreement, "It's hard to imagine, isn't it? As soon as I fall out of the sky you get to see all of time and space in a way that some could only dream of. I have that certain way of impressing people." The Doctor tripped over a rock and nearly fell, if not for Twilight Sparkle helping him. For a minute he lay in her arms, looking up at those amethyst eyes. "You know," The Doctor whispered, "where I come from this is usually done in the opposite manner." Twilight Sparkle laughed, and helped the Doctor to his feet. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.
"Oh Doctor," She sighed, "you're just so wonderful."
"I'm sure," The Doctor began to feel a little uncomfortable being shown so much affection, and Twilight Sparkle caught on.
"Doctor? What's the matter?"
"I… I just…" The Doctor tried to avoid her gaze, but he simply could not. He looked lovingly into her eyes as he tried to continue. "I'm a Time Lord, Twilight Sparkle. I'm nine hundred and six years old, soon to be nine hundred and seven."
"So? What does that matter?"
"It matters." The Doctor replied harshly. "I am nine hundred and six. I age differently than many if not all life in the universe. As you grow old and wither away I regenerate and get a new body. It doesn't seem fair to me that you should go through with that."
"It doesn't matter to me, Doctor." Twilight Sparkle raised her voice.
"It matters to me."
"… Why?"
"Do you think I've spent nine hundred years of life just to watch everything and everyone die? I can barely live with what I did to the Time Lords, Twilight Sparkle. You've all been great to me, fantastic even; but there is just no way that I can live with seeing you die." Twilight Sparkle let go of the Doctor and started trotting away. There was nothing to be said, at least not that the Doctor thought. She managed to take several steps before she turned around again. Tears were in her eyes as she ran up to the Doctor and hugged him again.
"That doesn't change the fact that I love you, Doctor," She sniffled, "That doesn't change it one bit." The Doctor sighed, and caressed her mane with his hoof.
"There there, my little Twilight Sparkle. We still have a mission ahead of us. Remember those mean old Cybermen? We still got to deal with them, don't we?" She nodded, still crying onto his sleeve. The Doctor let her slip through his hooves, still crying but feeling a bit better. Even though she didn't get the ending she wanted Twilight Sparkle was still happy that the Doctor was here for her. That was all she could really ask for; her Doctor, her brilliant, wonderful, smart, happy Doctor. She was finally able to stand on her own, and she practically beamed despite her own tears.
"I can't wait to see what happens, Doctor." She bowed and trotted off to join the other party goers. When she was finally out of sight the Doctor heard a fluttering sound coming from behind him.
"I take it you've been listening the whole time, Rainbow Dash?"
"Y-Yea," Rainbow Dash stammered, "I really wanted to know what you guys were up to out here." The Doctor turned around to face her, and as he did so she tried to avoid his gaze.
"How long?"
"For quite a while now, Doctor… I guess I wasn't being true to my heart all those times."
"I meant how long were you listening?"
"O-Oh… The whole time."
"I see," The Doctor mumbled, and approached the brightly colored Pegasus. She jerked back slightly as he approached her, but she sighed and fluttered down shortly afterwards.
"Doc," Rainbow Dash muttered, "I heard Twilight talk about something; she said that she was… afraid. She had a vision, and she thinks that you're going to die." The Doctor looked at her solemnly, as though the news was a reminder of fate. "But you're not going to die, right? I know you're tougher than that, I know you can beat those guys a-a-and I know… I know…" To the Doctor's sheer disbelief Rainbow Dash started to cry. It was a silent weeping, but it reminded the Doctor of himself… of his own pains. He reached out and stroked her mane with his hoof.
"Nothing is going to hurt me, Rainbow Dash. I promise you, I will make sure that I stay alive for all of you." Rainbow Dash hurriedly gave the Doctor a hug and a kiss. The Doctor, stunned by the swiftness of the motion was taken aback. "Really now, I wish the kissing would stop, I really don't enjoy the kissing!"
"S-Sorry, Doc," Rainbow Dash wiped the tears from her eyes, "It's just that… I've never met someone as awesome and amazing as you. You've been there for all of us so many times that… well… I've grown attached to you, I guess." The Doctor said nothing; he simply looked up at the sky and smiled lightly as the moonlight danced across the leaves of nearby trees. "I'll just be joining the others at the party, Doctor. I hope everything will be alright." She fluttered off slightly askew, still worried and still begging fate to keep her Doctor, their Doctor, safe.
Trying out a new formula for this episode, and just this episode. I'll be picking up on the action in the next one. So just remember, if you think it's not enough, there will be more.

Doctor Who is (C) to the BBC
MLP is (C) to HUB Entertainment
Story Written by Jonathan Lopez (TheGoldenCrowbar)
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BlackRose11A Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

i shipped twilight but didn't even think about rainbow and aj

man im an idiot

I knew it! I knew it! I was wondering when there would be some shipping! Doc's got a few love interests now, it seems. If it wasn't so late, I'd keep on reading! My hat's off to you, sir.
Hahah, thanks! After all, it ain't exactly Doctor Who without a couple of love interests. X3
That is so true!
*insert hallelujah here* Yes! A brony who DOESN'T think Dash is lesbo! I have no problem with gay/lesbo, I just hate when people try to make people out as such who aren't, i.e. Axel X Roxas. You have become 20% cooler to me as of now.
Yeah and Lauren Fraust Also Hates it when they Stereotype Rainbow dash as a Lesbian or a Tomboy.
but i thought rainbow was a tomboy
she's definatly not a lesbian.
well she's not as tomboyish as applejack...
maybe she's just hyper
True But I still Dont like PPl Stereotyping Her as a lesbo just because shes Tomboyish and has a Rainbow mane.
sereiously why do rainbows have to be concidered gay?
after all rainbows came before homosexuality even existed!
People Who Keep Stereotyping
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