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May 22, 2011
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"Doctor, please tell me you got something awesome in mind!" Rainbow Dash jumped up and down giddily as the TARDIS took off on its way to some unknown location. The Doctor looked up from his work and twirled around to face her.
"Well, first of all we are heading to a point in the past; the far past. The TARDIS is keen on certain moments – key moments – in time, and will fly us directly to these key moments whether they have happened, are happening, or have yet to happen. She's charged enough with Unicorn magic that she will take us on one trip to and from the location, no problems involved!"
"What happens if we take more than one trip?"
"Well, if we try and move with the TARDIS she will auto default us back to Ponyville for a recharge. For a type forty TARDIS she's quite clever."
"Wait a minute… The TARDIS is alive?"
"Quite so; did you think I would trust just any old machine to help me travel through space and time? You take me for a fool, Rainbow Dash!" The Doctor smirked and smacked the landing brake into place. The capsule parked with a thud as the Doctor rushed toward the door. "Basically I asked the TARDIS what abnormal points in history lie in this section of the universe, and it pointed me right here as my first priority; Manehattan, 1942; before you or any of your friends were ever born. The city itself is still under construction, and many great ponies came into being at this time."
"How do you know so much, being from a different world and all?"
"The TARDIS told me everything," The Doctor smiled, and opened the door for the bright colored pony to step through. When she did her eyes grew wide with amazement. It really was Manehattan in 1942. Buildings were still under construction; people walked around in business suits and construction uniforms, and here and there were shops of all different kinds. The smell of fast food was ever present in the air, along with the aromas of many different kinds of perfume. Rainbow Dash just wanted to soar in the skies of a different time, but she held in the desire, and waited for the Doctor to give her the go ahead.
"Doctor," She gasped, "This is just… unreal! This is too cool to be true!
"But it is true," The Doctor grinned, "We really are in 1942, and there's a newspaper stand to prove it." He pointed toward a small wooden newspaper stand, and Rainbow Dash rushed to it immediately. She looked down at one of the papers, and read the date. Sure enough, it was July the 2nd, 1942. Rainbow Dash rushed immediately back to the Doctor.
"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" She repeated excitedly. That was when she noticed that the TARDIS stuck out like a sore thumb; it did not blend in at all, and yet people did not even bother to look at it.
"I see you're worried about the TARDIS." The Doctor nodded. "Don't worry about her, she'll be just fine. The low level perception filter should keep anyone who shouldn't know about her presence oblivious. That's just the way she works." The Doctor twirled around once and walked forward, completely ignoring the stares he got. "More important things must be assessed, such as why the TARDIS brought us to this exact date in time. We best get started asking around; it's not like the answer's just going to fly into our field of vision." Rainbow Dash smiled and nodded, but noticed something strange up in the sky. It was a ball of fire shooting across the sky at immense speeds. People gasped and pointed at the object as it hurtled down towards the planet. The Doctor looked up into the sky and watched the fire ball zoom over his head and off into the distance. He then faced Rainbow Dash, who was smiling nonchalantly. "Well," The Doctor muttered, "that was easy."
For the next hour the Doctor sat waiting on a bench while Rainbow Dash surveyed the area where the object landed. As she wrapped up and headed back to the bench she could see the Doctor was doing his part; by reading a newspaper.
"Gee, Doctor, I didn't think you would be doing something so exciting," Rainbow Dash sighed sarcastically.
"It's just as important," The Doctor muttered, "no matter how low a priority you set it. Did you know that there is a lot of resemblance between this planet and a planet called Earth back in my dimension?"
"Yea, Doc, you talk about it all the time. Listen, I checked out the site just as you had asked me to, and it's blank; there's no sign of any crash or anything. It's just a completely unharmed patch of grass beyond the city limits. Only reason I didn't lose the trail was from the smell of something burning, and the fact that there were black bits of something littered around the 'impact' zone."
"Picking up on a few technical terms, I see?" Rainbow Dash smiled.
"All because of you, Doc. So; where are we headed for then?"
"The only place we can actually start; take me to those black bits of something you saw so I can make a proper analysis. Then we'll have to talk to the locals, and ask them if they saw anything coming from that general location. Whatever landed in that patch of grass I believe it may not be friendly if it needs to hide its presence."
"Alrighty, follow me, Doc!" Rainbow Dash immediately took off into the sky, slowly soaring so that the Doctor could catch up. The location was more than just a patch of grass when the Doctor stumbled upon it; it was literally a wide expanse of grassland, decorated with a few trees here and there. It had not been touched by the ponies at all and just as Rainbow Dash had said there were bits and pieces of something littering the ground. The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and began examining the material.
"Interesting," The Doctor mumbled to himself, "ship grade alloy. Problem is it could be any vessel, but what is it doing here? Of all places and time zones, why here?"
"Find anything yet, Doc?"
"Still nothing yet, Dash," The Doctor replied, "but I do know where these pieces of burnt something came from; the exterior of a spacecraft."
"So something alien did land here?"
"Quite so, but who and why?" The Doctor just noticed that a small crowd had already started forming around them. They all stared wide eyed at the technologically advanced Doctor and his obscenely rowdy companion.
"Uh, not to worry, folks," The Doctor assured awkwardly, "I'm just examining the general… grassiness of this grass field! It's perfectly acceptable; now if you mind?" The ponies gave him a confused look, but went on their way as if the Doctor had been some kind of idiot.
"Wow, I'm getting better at this every time," he smiled, "most certainly better than the time I tried to convince Twilight Sparkle that I wasn't using her excess magic to add more rooms to the TARDIS. Trust me, that wasn't the best moment in our friendship."
"Can we just hurry up and find this missing ship already?"
"Right; off we go, Dash." The Doctor took off at a running pace, and Rainbow Dash fluttered on after him, having not the slightest idea where he would even begin.
Of course, of all the places to begin the Doctor chooses the bar. Salt bars were common in the early 1940's and late 1950's, but died down in popularity and necessity after just a single decade. Now the Doctor found himself in one, and he had not a single piece with him to pay for any salt. Instead he would ask around and see if any of the Manehattaners knew anything about the thing that fell from the sky. They approached a white female pony dressed extravagantly in blues and purples; she looked as though she had just come back from a dance.
"A thing that fell from the sky," She began, "I haven't seen anything like that today, honey, but I can't say that I haven't seen anything strange with the sky. Earlier, about five or six days or so, I was walking down the street to this very bar when I saw the sky sort of open up. Can you believe that, just opening up right in front of me! Of course it was in the early morning, and everyone thought I was just delirious from too much salt. Just because I come to a bar every Saturday they assume I'm untrustworthy!"
"What do you mean by opening up?" The Doctor leaned in curiously.
"Well I mean just that! The very air split open, and I could see the stars behind it; by Celestia I was frightened, and I didn't know what was going to happen next. Eventually the split sealed itself, but I could still point out and tell you exactly where in the sky I saw it."
"That won't be necessary, kind madam; thank you for taking you time to respond." The Doctor was about to get up and ask another person in the bar when he felt something grab hold of his sleeve.
"You believe my story; after all this time you believe me!"
"It's only been a week, but yes, I do believe you." The pony began to tear up, and before she let go of the Doctor she planted a firm, wet kiss on his face.
"Bless you, Doctor!" She winked.
"No problem, dear," The Doctor waited for the pony to turn around and immediately wiped at his face, somewhat disgusted.
"Oh come on, Doctor, stop being such a baby," Rainbow Dash chuckled, "you're only nine hundred years old!" The next pony they tried was an elderly olive colored colt. His mane was already graying, and he sported a nice black suit, complete with a top hat and spectacles.
"Something in the sky," The colt pondered, "Well, I can tell you now that I did see something burning race across the sky, but that was only while I was on the way to this here salt bar. Other than seeing that I can't help you much, old sport."
"That's perfectly fine, my dear friend. Please, do enjoy your salt." The Doctor did a slight bow and was just about to leave when once again he received a tug on his jacket.
"I do sincerely apologize I couldn't be of any more help, Doctor. I hope you will take this as a symbol of my appreciation." The colt handed the Doctor a golden token. The Doctor turned it over on his hand, and saw a younger version of the colt embossed on one side, and a book with quill and ink on the other. The colt tipped his hat and smiled. "My name's Green, by the way; Gatsby Green." Rainbow Dash's ears perked up immediately upon hearing his full name.
"Gatsby; you're THE Gatsby Green?!" The old colt chuckled.
"The one and only, my dear," Gatsby nodded, "and still to be the one and only at that." The Doctor looked at her puzzled, and after a moments delay Rainbow Dash realized he wasn't familiar with many things in her world.
"This guy Gatsby is a famous writer! He wrote so many different classics in our library, such as The Front Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and the Betrayed, and his all time favorite classic, The Love of the Last Monarch!"
"I'm glad you are a fan of my work, but classics they aren't, my dear," Green shook his head, "They haven't sold a copy since last month and that was only one copy." He smiled solemnly and took another lick of salt. The Doctor pulled Rainbow Dash aside and looked into her eyes sternly.
"You have to be careful when you travel in time, Rainbow Dash," The Doctor whispered, "Things that haven't happened yet are just that; if you blurt out an event that has yet to happen you may very well have changed the course of history; your history."
"I'm sorry, Doctor," Rainbow Dash muttered shamefully, "But I couldn't help it… it's THE Gatsby Green!"
"I know," The Doctor cracked a smile, "I get that feeling a lot."
"If you don't mind, old sport, I don't often appreciate anypony talking behind my back," The old colt grinned, "care to let me in on what it is you and the young lady are discussing?" The Doctor looked up at Gatsby, then back at Rainbow Dash.
"Oh, sorry; I forgot where I was. Well, we were just trying to figure out whom else to ask. Thank you for your time, Mr. Gatsby."
"No problem at all, old sport," The old man tipped his hat and winked, "I'll be right here if you have any further questions." The Doctor approached several others, a purple pony with a tendency to have emotional outbursts, a gray pony that had too much salt, and a red pony who had been taking a break from his work hours on the farm. They asked more after that, but still no luck in finding out where the ship went off to.
"This is a big waste of time, Doctor," Rainbow Dash grumbled, "Maybe the ship took off and we weren't outside to see it."
"We would have heard something if it did," The Doctor assured her, "And I just have one more pony to ask. Try and be courteous while I question him." Rainbow Dash nodded frustratingly and allowed the Doctor to continue. While he questioned the blue mare sitting at the back of the bar Dash decided to talk to Gatsby and find out more about him.
"Excuse me, Mr. Green?"
"Please, my dear, call me Gatsby." Gatsby smiled and tipped the rim of his hat.
"Okay, Gatsby, what is it like to be a writer? I mean, I have read all of your best works and I must say that you've got some pretty impressive stuff." The old colt chortled and leaned in closer to Rainbow Dash.
"It's all about being true to the heart, my dear," Green nodded slowly, "and it's never truly about the money; it's about what you want to write. If you make a fast piece off one of your literary pieces, that's a plus, a plus indeed! But if you don't enjoy writing, then what's the use of writing? I do it because it brings me money and joy; both things are needed to get by in this world. We live in tough times now, my dear. It's getting difficult to survive, if you get my meaning." Rainbow Dash nodded with understanding, and smiled.
"I have a good feeling that people will look back on your books and enjoy your stories, Mr. Gatsby. I can feel it in my heart!" Rainbow Dash pointed at her heart with her hoof. The old colt simply smiled glumly and with a quick nod had another helping of salt.
"Thank you, kind dear; I really needed that after all this time."
Suddenly the door to the bar swung open, and in staggered a strange young colt, just about half the height of the Doctor. He wore a black and brown scarf around his neck, and his fur was of the palest yellow. He had no mane; the only hair he had was on his chin, and it grew in randomized spots. What really got Rainbow Dash's attention, however, was the scar that ran down the side of the colts face.  All eyes were on the colt when he stepped through the door. The pony looked about, making sure to scan every single face in that room. He paused for a moment when he looked at the Doctor, only to turn around and leave moments later.
"That's a rather strange way to introduce yourself to strangers," Gatsby smirked, "Isn't it, my dear?" Rainbow Dash shrugged.
"I dunno, but for a pony that small he sure had looks that could kill." The Doctor approached them and flashed his usual clever, boyish grin.
"I think we may have found the thing that doesn't belong."
"What, the colt that just walked in? His size and scar were out of place, but he doesn't seem entirely alien to me."
"Well, you have to consider the fact of what he was wearing…" The Doctor motioned around his neck. Rainbow Dash followed and looked at him as though he were telling an immensely elaborate riddle. "The scarf," The Doctor finally clarified, "He was wearing a scarf; a scarf in the middle of July. Now if that doesn't strike you as curious then I don't know what you've gotten used to in Ponyville." Rainbow Dash shot the Doctor a frustrated glare, then nodded and they both started for the door.
"Excuse me, old sport, but do you mind if I tag along?" Gatsby had just stood up and was trotting extravagantly in their direction.
"Oh, sorry," The Doctor apologized, "but I really don't want to intrude on your day. You must have had other plans made, and I really would not want to-"
"Nonsense, old sport; my schedule has been free for several months now! I think this time is as good a time as any to stretch these old legs of mine." The Doctor looked at Rainbow Dash, who smiled from ear to ear.
"Why not," Rainbow Dash practically squealed in delight, "this could be the chance to go on an adventure with someone famous!"
"To be famous," The Doctor corrected, "He won't be famous until your generation picks up his book and thinks it's the best thing that they have ever read. Right now Gatsby Green is suffering like everyone else at this time, and if we leave him be he can sort out his life-"
"If he is suffering it would be better if he came with us! He needs to get out and live his life more than he is right now! Come on Doctor, he's old; he won't get another chance." The Doctor looked at Gatsby, who was trying to lean in and catch some of their conversation.
"Oh alright," The Doctor grumbled after a minute of thinking, "But you're responsible for him; if something goes wrong I'm holding you accountable when history changes." Rainbow Dash smiled and took the old pony's hoof in hers.
"Come on, Gatsby; we got quite an adventure up ahead!"
"I hope so, my dear." Gatsby smiled and followed after them.
They began asking around, now having a lead as to who may have landed out of the sky, but no leads as to what this stranger could possibly be. The first pony they questioned was a black stallion; he looked as though he had been working the fields for quite some time, as his muscles were in fine tune. He was the owner of a barber shop near the bar. The reason they chose him as their first subject was because his shop window was smashed in.
"I don't reckon y'all happen to know that pony," The barber shop owner grumbled, "because if y'all do I'll need y'all to fix this here windah."
"We don't know him," The Doctor responded kindly, "but if you help us find him I can bring him back here and have him pay for the damages."
"Well, y'all seem like mighty nice folk. Aw shucks, I'm sorry I began all rude like. The name's Jet Sheer; I work here full time as the barber. Now mister…"
"Doctor, just call me the Doctor."
"Doctor… I was just mindin' my own business, just cleanin' up after a long day, when all of a sudden that short little fella walked straight into my windah. I first asked him if he was alright, but he just got up and left. I called back to him, askin' if he woulda been kind enough to help me fix the windah, but just like that he took off. My oh my, if I get my hands on that little colt," Jet Sheer moved his hooves around in a neck crushing motion. He then realized he still had company. He stopped, embarrassed by his actions. "Mighty sorry, sirs and madam; my temper still gets the better of me. The pony y'all are lookin' for headed in the direction of the record shop, not too far from here. Just keep walkin' down this here street, take a left on the first intersection, and you should get there in no time. Sorry again for my rude temper..."
"No problem, old sport. Here, have this gold piece on me. It may not pay for your window entirely, but I can expect it to pay for at least half of it." Gatsby tossed a golden coin at the brawny black colt. He tried to catch it, fumbling with it for a moment, and then looked at it dumbly in his hooves.
"My oh my," Jet Sheer smiled, "I have to thank you, kind sir; I ain't seen many ponies around with your kind of generosity, especially not in a time like this! May Celestia bless you, kind sir." Gatsby tipped his hat to Jet Sheer.
"Think of it as a reward to giving us the information we needed," Gatsby smirked and winked at the Doctor. The Doctor returned the gesture and motioned for Rainbow Dash and Gatsby to follow. They took Jet Sheer's directions right into the record store, where things were just as chaotic, if not worse. The records had been randomly yanked off the shelves, and were scattered about the floor. Some of them had been smashed, and the manager was yelling to his assistant to write a letter to some pony in Fillydelphia, having to do with replacements for his store. The Doctor knocked on the door and the manager trotted up to him, desperately trying to avoid his own records on the floor. He smiled, but his anger was clearly visible. The manager was a lime green pony; his eyes were quite narrow, and he wore a pair of large spectacles. His mane was a darker green, and it was incredibly messy; most likely due to the recent stress.
"Hi there," The manager strained to speak, "I'm terribly sorry, but this isn't the right time to be buying records right now."
"We're not here to buy records," Rainbow Dash replied, "Where here to catch that pony that messed up your shop."
"Oh thank goodness, someone else is looking for that troublemaker," The manager swallowed his anger and made an effort to bow lightly to Rainbow Dash. "My name's Malachite Discoid; I come from a long family line dating back to the old kingdom in Trottingham. Anyway, I don't know why that clumsy young fool came in here and did what he did, but if you can find him I will more than be happy to give you a small reward for your troubles."
"No need to," The Doctor smiled, "We don't mind helping out."
"Well, you are just far too kind," Malachite beamed, "the colt headed that way, off toward the far exit. He's probably planning to leave Manehattan after messing with a few people. It just irritates me to see somepony who's willing to go that far for a joke!"
"Thank you so much," The Doctor nodded, and took off for the exit. The others followed close behind, leaving Malachite Discoid alone standing in the middle of his shop, confused. Gatsby popped his head from the side of the door.
"Sorry for leaving so soon, old sport; here's a gold piece for your trouble." He tossed a gold coin at the manager, who caught it with no difficulty. The colt looked up at him and smiled. Gatsby tipped his hat and followed after the Doctor.
Rainbow Dash and the Doctor had already reached the far exit of Manehattan when Gatsby Green managed to catch up.
"Sorry dear, I was caught up in a little last minute-"
"Shh," The Doctor whispered, "I think we've just found our little troublemaker." The same colt from before was stumbling over himself, trying greatly to keep his body upright. Here and there he would stumble and curse at himself in some language that even the Doctor couldn't make out at that distance. The Doctor and his companions followed closely behind, using nearby trees as cover. They kept a steady distance, so as to not alert this unknown pony to their presence. The colt kept lumbering forward into a forest that had not been cleared out by anyone. The pony used the trees as support as it struggled to keep upright.
"Why would a pony like that be going into the forests at a time like this?" Gatsby moved the rim of his hat over his eyes to shield them from the sun.
"Exactly what we're about to find out," The Doctor whispered. They kept following the pony deeper and deeper into the woods, until finally they happened upon a clearing in the trees. The Doctor motioned for the others to hide behind a nearby bush, and he soon joined them in their hiding spot. The unknown pony stopped here, not making any movements. The Doctor watched in curiosity as the pony reached up to his scarf and slowly pulled it off of his neck. In the back of his neck was a curiously familiar circular vent; it was embedded right into his spinal column.
"Sontaran!" The Doctor bellowed as he stepped out from behind the bush. The Pony whipped around, giving the Doctor a deathly stare. "That's exactly what you are, isn't it? Pretty clever, what you did; a brilliant war tactic if I might add. You fly your pod in uncloaked, and then as soon as you're about to land you cloak it and move it to a different location; would have worked, too, if not for your clumsy episodes in the city."
"How do you know of us, filthy Equestrian?"
"Oh I know all about the Sontarans," The Doctor grinned menacingly, "The prefect breed of warrior; a clone race bred for combat. Except you're not so hot on your hooves now, are you."
"Your dimension has altered all of our forms," The Sontaran grumbled, "without even taking an action of war you have crippled us! However, thanks to my surveillance, that will soon change." The Sontaran pulled out a small device from a hidden pocket in his scarf. He pressed down on it once, and immediately the area in front of him began to shimmer. The air melted and shifted, revealing an orb-like ship. The vessel was lined with triangular metal panels, and bore two mounted lasers on either side.  The door of it opened and the Sontaran was just about to get inside when the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and activated it. The control panels sizzled and sparked, causing the Sontaran to jump away, falling down in the process. The Sontaran looked at the Doctor with a stare that only a murderer could conjure.
"Doctor," The Sontaran hissed, "we meet at last."
"Heard of me, have you?" The Doctor smiled.
"Heard of you? You are the Sontaran's most feared enemy!" While the Doctor and the Sontaran chatted back and forth Rainbow Dash was still hiding behind the bush, trying to make out at least some of their conversation.
"I can't hear what they're saying," Rainbow Dash whispered, "can you hear-" She looked over at Gatsby Green, who was staring at the Doctor and the Sontaran in utter disbelief. His jaw had already dropped to its limit, and his eyes forcefully blinked now and again. Rainbow Dash chuckled and brought her hoof to his jaw and closed his mouth.
"What are you planning to do, Sontaran?"
"You will refer to me by title, Doctor! I am Warrior Bryze of the 15th Sontaran Battle Fleet, known as Bryze the Lifestealer!"
"Very well, Warrior Bryze, what is it that you plan to do?"
"This planet is ripe for converting, Doctor! I was about to travel back to my Battle Fleet in high orbit above this planet when you disrupted my plans, but no matter. I have specifically scheduled my arrival back to the main battle cruiser in a few moments, and if I do not return back to the ship I have notified my superior to begin the subjugation of this planet! Time is running out, Doctor; what are you going to do about it?" The Sontaran looked on in amusement as the Doctor tried to find the right thing to say. "You're not going to do anything are you, Doctor? You're far too weak, both physically and mentally. You do not have what it takes to take on the Sontarans."
"Well," The Doctor sighed, "You are right about one thing; I am too weak to do anything against the Sontarans… but you overlooked one single fact." The Sontaran raised an eyebrow at the Doctor.
"And what would that be, Time Lord?"
"What are you going to do about her?" The Doctor pointed at Rainbow Dash, who was right behind the Sontaran. Before Bryze could turn around, Rainbow Dash instinctively kicked the Sontaran's feeding vent, causing him to scream out in pain and fall to the ground. She could only stare at the Sontaran wide eyed as Bryze completely ceased movement.
"Did I kill it?"
"No, but you sure as hell knocked him out for a long time; nice work!" The Doctor smiled and clapped his hooves together once. He approached the battle pod, getting right to work with his sonic screwdriver. At this point Gatsby had already stepped out from behind the bush, still gawking at the Sontaran spacecraft.
"What… what IS that?!" Gatsby gasped.
"Beats me," Rainbow Dash shrugged, "I guess it's some kind of Sontaran transport thing or whatever."
"It's a Sontaran battle pod," The Doctor corrected, "It's how the Sontarans go back and forth between the main cruiser." He went back to his buzzing and fiddling, concentrating on his labor with a deathly stare.
"Doctor, what are you doing?" Gatsby asked.
"I'm recalibrating this battle pod to send a secure signal to board the mother ship. Once the Sontarans lower the shield the pod is going to ram into the ship, igniting the gases that the Sontarans feed on. The detonation will wipe them out completely." Rainbow Dash nodded grimly, but Gatsby wasn't set on this idea.
"Old sport… Doctor, is this the only way?"
"We don't have much time; if the Sontarans begin their bombardment of this planet neither of us will survive. They will lay waste to everything that you have struggled to create. It's destroy or be destroyed, Gatsby. It's your choice." Gatsby Green looked away from the Doctor, thinking deeply to himself. Then he nodded. "If they wish to bring war to us, we'll stop it before it starts." The Doctor went back to his work, and sure enough a sound emitted from the battle pod as it started up its engines.
"Alright; pick Bryze up and put him in the pod." Rainbow Dash looked at the Doctor with an alarmed look on her face.
"Doctor, we can't just kill him! He's defenseless; he can't do us any harm."
"It would be better if he died in the explosion." The Doctor sighed. "Like all Sontarans he has to survive by feeding on a special gas. That gas cannot be synthesized on this planet without a special machine. If he doesn't feed on this gas… he will die." Rainbow Dash huffed, then nodded slowly.
"Yea; it's better off this way. I can't imagine what it would feel like to starve to death." Rainbow Dash picked the unconscious Sontaran up, carried him over to the pod, and positioned him inside. The Doctor motioned for the two ponies to stand back as he activated his sonic screwdriver. The pod sealed itself up, and slowly took off into the sky. The cloaking field activated as it flew up higher into the atmosphere. Five minutes passed before they saw it high in the afternoon air; a massive explosion that sent shrapnel flying down to the surface of the planet. Rainbow Dash and Gatsby Green covered their heads as some of the parts fell in their general direction, but the Doctor watched on as the pieces burned in clouds. The battle had been won, but nobody was celebrating.
The three of them had returned to where the TARDIS stood, waiting for the Doctor to give the okay to go back home.
"Well," Gatsby Green began, "I've never seen this kind of box here before, and I don't mean that by just here in Manehattan."
"It's the Doctor's," Rainbow Dash explained, "It's my ride home."
"My goodness," Gatsby murmured, "a traveling box. I most certainly have had my fill of strange things for today."
"Welcome to my world," Rainbow Dash smirked.
"Oi, what are you doing out there making chit chat, we've got to get home!" Rainbow Dash smiled and sighed.
"I swear sometimes I could just slap him!" Gatsby laughed heartily, and Rainbow Dash added her own little chuckle. "Well, Gatsby, it looks like this is goodbye. I'll be sure to tell all my friends about you." The old colt tipped his hat.
"Do what you wish my dear; it's been an excellent adventure."
"If you think that was exciting, wait until you see what happens next."
"Another surprise?"
"Just one last surprise before we go." The bright colored filly went back into the TARDIS. As the door shut a grinding sound filled the air, and Gatsby Green stared with an expression of sheer amazement as the time capsule slowly vanished before his eyes.
"I think we did our jobs well; what do you say we take a nice break over in Cloudsdale?" Rainbow Dash strode around the central dias to where the Doctor stood. He simply looked up from the monitor and frowned at her. "What? What did I do?"
"You might just hate me for what's going to happen next."
"Another adventure?"
"Something like that," The Doctor smirked nervously.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Rainbow Dash came to me today, detailing her trip with the Doctor back into the past. I must say for a Time Lord he does seem a bit reckless in what he does in the past, but even so he proved to be an excellent guide to a time that predated all of us. I can only imagine what it would be like when the Doctor takes me on a journey in Equestria's timeline!

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.

P.S. Do you mind sending in a royal guard regiment in here? A fleet of Sontarans followed the Doctor through time and we're all in a little mess of trouble.
New episode, new icon!

Doctor Who is (C) to the BBC
MLP is (C) to HUB Entertainment
Story Written by Jonathan Lopez (TheGoldenCrowbar)
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Lol, Gatsby green, Nice touch.
This is just fantastic! A bit out of character with Dash fangasming over a writer of all things, but otherwise amazing!
Haha, the reason I did that was because I was reading The Great Gatsby at the time, and Dash does best when going against Sontarans. X3 Not to mention the fact that most would go crazy over a famous dude that ain't around no more. Hell, I know I would go crazy over F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Huh, that hadn't occurred to me. I guess that for facing bread-for-combat warriors, Dash fits the most. I just see Twilight as more of the book enthusiast (I wonder why >.>).
Megaman1988 Jun 7, 2011  Student Filmographer
YouaresoawesomeIhateyou. XD Anyways, great work, this got me addicted to Dr. Who all the while with me trying to cope with my newly found MLP addiction. I loved how you added the little P.S. twist in the end.
Haha, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it. ^^
derFisch95 May 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, tehGatsby.

Lol, his new incarnation looks like a stoner. :XD:
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