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May 21, 2011
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Twilight Sparkle could not remember what happened after the Doctor lay there dying; her memories of the event were all in a jumble. The first thing she could remember was the Master about to land the killing blow on the Doctor, and then she saw herself defending him. Her mind blanked out as she protected him, and did not return until she was already out of the cave, carrying the Doctor on her back.
"Get the Doctor inside!" She screamed as she rushed past Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Rarity opened the door to the TARDIS and all the ponies rushed inside. Fluttershy locked the door of the TARDIS behind her as Twilight Sparkle lay the Doctor down on the grated floor. He groaned in agony, desperately trying to reach up and steady himself.
"You can't get up, Doctor! You're hurt; if you don't rest you might die!" Twilight Sparkle could feel the tears forming on the edge of her eyes as she tried to heal him with her magic. It was no good; he was too far gone. His life was slowly slipping away.
"S-stand back," The Doctor coughed.
"Doctor please," Twilight Sparkle cried, "You need to-"
"Stand back!" Twilight Sparkle was shocked by his sudden burst, and obeyed. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were sniffling as well, and Rarity looked on in disbelief. The Doctor picked himself off the floor slowly, keeping his body steady over the console with his hooves. He was breathing heavily as he struggled to keep upright. "Listen," He gasped, "Something is going to happen now, and I'm sorry… I'm sorry, all of you… but it's time for me to go."
"Don't say that, Doctor," Twilight Sparkle screamed, "We can still save you!"
"I'm sorry, but there is no time to explain anything. It has to be now… now or never." The Doctor raised a hoof to his face. The hoof began to glow with a golden light as particles rose up from the flesh. The other ponies that had been looking on in despair now looked on in shock. Twilight Sparkle was still in tears, desperately trying to find words to say.
"Doctor… What's happening, Doctor?"
"I'm sorry, Twilight Sparkle… I know it's so sudden… but before I go-"
"No, Doctor-"
"Please," The Doctor begged. Twilight Sparkle fell silent, still sobbing. "before I go I wanted you all to know what an honor it was to share with you my world..." a spasm wracked through the Doctors body,  almost causing him to fall over. The other ponies were just about to rush in and help when the Doctor held out his hoof. They ceased, all feeling helpless in this strange situation. "Goodbye, Twilight Sparkle. Goodbye Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy; goodbye to you all." The glow that had engulfed his hoof earlier had spread over to his other hoof, and eventually to his lower body and head. He looked at his hooves as if he was as alien as the others had seen him to be. The other ponies back away and watched in amazement as the Doctor lit up in an unearthly glow. Twilight Sparkle, already too shocked for tears, noticed that the Doctor began to cry as well. He was weeping silently; weeping for his race, she thought to herself.
"Doctor, no!" Twilight Sparkle made one last attempt to stop it, but it was too late. The Doctor's body burst into a wave of energy, lighting up the interior of the TARDIS. The others shielded their eyes, but Twilight watched on as the Doctor's body began to change. Through the spectacle of light she noticed that his face was the first to change; she also managed to catch his height increased by an inch. Before all the changes went through she could see his hair change, and as the alteration completed he slowly lowered his hooves to the ground, and lowered his head. Twilight Sparkle's tears were now replaced by utter bewilderment; the same could be said for the other ponies, who could not even move due to their surprise.
"D-Doctor?" Twilight Sparkle watched as the Doctor lifted his head slowly, and sighed; a cloud of golden particles fluttered from out of his throat. Rainbow Dash stepped forward, stomping a hoof into the metal flooring.
"Who are you," Rainbow Dash demanded, "and what have you done with the Doctor?!"
"Me?" The stranger mumbled, "Why yes, I'm the Doctor; that's me." Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow.
"You're not the Doctor."
"Yes I am; I was born the Doctor."
"Okay, if you're the Doctor, what did you help me with two days ago?"
"Flight patterns," The Doctor answered immediately, "You were wondering how you could position the clouds in a fashion that would suit your routine, and I suggested that they be shaped similar to the way they cut chips… but you didn't know what chips were." Rainbow Dash's mouth slowly opened, unable to believe how correct this stranger was.
"Same pony," Twilight Sparkle murmured, "different face." The Doctor smiled.
"Twilight Sparkle," He smirked, "you were always the smart one. It's a good thing you saved us when you did. If the Master killed me when he got the chance he most likely would have stolen my regenerations."
"That's what happened! I got smacked around a good lot; my body couldn't heal on its own fast enough so it started my regeneration cycle. Fixed me up good as new, but mind you," The Doctor touched his face with his hooves, "I could have done with a smaller chin." The Doctor reached up and tugged at his mane, bringing it over his eyes. "And I'm still not ginger! Is it so much to ask for?"
"Doctor," Applejack shivered, "I don't know much about you Time Lords or nothin', but what in tarnation was goin' on in there?!" He looked at her slightly confused, and then he tried to walk and slipped on his back hooves. His face connected with the floor, and there was a grunt of pain as he lifted himself off the flooring.
"That was the Master; old friend of mine," The Doctor grumbled, "old… enemy of mine. We Time Lords live for a very long time, and the Master has lived countless regenerations. The thing that makes him so dangerous is that he has lived his whole life with something stuck in his head… a drumbeat, he keeps telling me. The call of war drums."
"Doctor," Twilight Sparkle spoke, "was it a rhythm of four?" The Doctor looked at her with questioning eyes; worried eyes.
"How do you know that?"
"Back on that unknown world with the Mara, I had this strange vision; a dream of sorts. I wish I had paid attention to it now. I thought it was just a dream at the time… But in that dream I heard the drums." She tapped her hoof on the grated floor four times in succession. The Doctor nodded grimly.
"A psychic link; he's tapped into your brain waves and is using that to his advantage." The Doctor walked to the other side of the console, almost tripping again. "The link is not strong enough, however, and in the TARDIS especially. He can't use you like a puppet, but he can stop you from using your magic. How you managed to break the psychic bond temporarily must have been a spur of the moment burst, but should you attempt it again he could very well tap into your brainwaves at that moment and adjust the circuit." The Doctor began pressing buttons and flipping switches with incredulous ease. "Right, if we are going to stop the Master I'm going to need to do a few things."
"Where are we going, Doctor?" Fluttershy was finally able to murmur a question.
"Home; I need only a few of you for this mission, and I have a task for you all to complete by," The Doctor checked the monitor mounted on the TARDIS console, "six in the afternoon. If we can get it all done by then I can take us back to deal with the Master."
"But he'll kill you if you go back!" Pinkie Pie ran over and hugged the Doctor. He squirmed out of her grasp clumsily and fell to the floor again. In an instant he was back on his feet and already next to the TARDIS handbrake.
"No! That's not his plan, never was his true plan. Killing me was a sort of bonus in his book. No, what he wishes to do is to steal my TARDIS, but he's also got something else up his sleeve. You see, the machine he was building in his little cavern was a relay. However, when he stole the parts from the Auton facility he mixed the parts with contraptions he had built himself. A Time Lord mind is an incredibly dangerous thing; even if it's only one Time Lord against the whole universe." The Doctor tried pushing the handbrake up, but it wouldn't budge. He looked at it sternly, then back at the ponies. "That relay has a purpose, and I can only assume that he will first try and gain some regenerations. If that happens we could be fighting him for a very long time; we can't let that happen." He leaned on the handbrake and it immediately pushed up. The Doctor fell to the ground a third time, picking himself up just as fast.
"So, I need you, Twilight Sparkle, to read up on some spells; see if there is anything in there that can block your brain waves from the transmitter." The Doctor walked over and gestured to Applejack. "Applejack, good girl, I need you to fetch me some apples."
"Why do you need apples?"
"Because I suddenly crave them; Rainbow Dash, I need you to get a storm cloud, nice and thick." Rainbow Dash saluted and smiled. "Pinkie Pie, we'll need some party balloons, some string, and what are those party things you blow into that make that sort of squeaky noise? Anyway, some of those would do nicely."
"Can do, Doctor!"
"Fluttershy, we'll need you to gather up some woodpeckers; lots of them. Their help would be greatly appreciated."
"And Rarity, I know this isn't the time to be asking for this, but I really, really need this from you." Rarity looked at the Doctor suspiciously.
"What is it that you require of me, Doctor?"
"I need a new suit."
As soon as the TARDIS landed back in Ponyville the six ponies rushed off to begin their task. The Doctor waved goodbye to them, if only goodbye for now, and then took off in the TARDIS. The engines had been charged enough to make two trips in time with no consequence, and so the Doctor decided to use these two trips to find out some necessary information. He traveled back to the crater, one day into the past. When he arrived he got to work immediately. He checked the trees, making sure that they were positioned properly. When he was satisfied he smiled and moved on to the next order of business. The machine that the Master was using most likely had an exhaust port, and if it did he would need to take advantage of it. He looked high and low, unable to locate any kind of exhaust line. When the Doctor decided he couldn't keep searching without blowing his cover he made his way back to the TARDIS, only to trip on something metallic. It was an exhaust port; three of them to be precise. The Doctor grinned, and marked the location in his mind. He rushed back to the TARDIS and set the controls to two hours ahead of current date, just so he didn't have to wait too long for the other ponies.
Back in Ponyville Twilight Sparkle tossed books back and forth. She desperately looked for all kinds of spells that could help her in defeating the Master. Shielding spells, offensive spells, illusion magic, she searched all kinds of books and scrolls in the library. Spike had taken on his usual duty of picking up after her mess. He grumbled as he picked up a book and placed it on the shelf, only to have Twilight Sparkle pull it out and examine it again.
"Twi, you really need to stop," Spike suggested, "you've looked through all these books at least fifteen times in the past hour!"
"I know, but I need to find a good spell! If I can't find a good spell I can't help out the Doctor! Oh, where did I remember seeing a psychic blocker?"
"This means a lot to you," Spike asked, "doesn't it?" Twilight Sparkle looked at Spike as her face flushed red.
"It's not like that, Spike."
"Your face says otherwise," Spike grinned.
"He's a Time Lord. I'm just a regular old unicorn. What would the Doctor ever see in me except a friend?" Twilight flipped through a book on defensive magic when her horn landed her on a page about psychic blockers.
"Aha! I knew it had to be in this book! Psychic blocker… This shouldn't be too hard to learn. Let's go spike, we've got a bit of practice time to fill."
Over at Sweet Apple Acres farm Applejack had already collected a whole bucket of apples. She was just about to rush off to give it to the Doctor when Big Macintosh caught her at the gate.
"Sis, what're you gonna do with all them apples?"
"Uh, n-nothin' too important, Big Mac," Applejack stuttered, "I-I was just thinkin' to take these over for a friend is all."
"I'll bet it's that Doctor fella again, isn't it?" Applejack smiled.
"Yea; it's for the Doctor."
"Y'all gotta bring him down some time," Big Macintosh chuckled, "I ain't ever heard a filly talk of a colt quite like the way you talk about that Doctor."
"Yea, he's… he's something else." Without saying anything else Applejack took off, bounding down the dirt road with surprising speed and grace.
"Eeyup, I'm sure he is." Big Mac smiled.
Rainbow Dash had no trouble in picking up a storm cloud. The only issue was picking the right one. All the other storm clouds seemed far too small to her, and she wanted to show the Doctor just how good she was. Moving from cloud to cloud, she began to doubt if there were any large storm clouds at this time of year. In spite of her negative thoughts she managed to find a cloud that was bigger than the rest… but it was still not big enough! She wanted a storm cloud that could rip a building apart with one strike of lightning. She sat on the cloud and thought deeply to herself. Sure enough an idea popped into her mind, and she set it into motion. She grabbed as many of the smaller clouds as she could, then stuffed them into the storm cloud. Cloud after cloud, the energy began to build up inside the storm cloud, until it was about as big as the explosion radius of the crater! She grinned as she marveled over her own ingenuity.
"Rainbow Dash, you are a genius," She chortled to herself, "If this cloud won't suit the Doctor, no storm cloud ever will."
Pinkie Pie gathered all of her items that she had been told to bring. If it was a party the Doctor was looking for, Pinkie Pie was sure to give him one! She looked at the list of items that she had packed in her saddlebags.
"Okay, let's see… twenty five party balloons, check! Fourteen yards of string, check! Ten party favors, check! Okay, I am ready to go!" Pinkie Pie hopped toward the TARDIS, humming some tune that only she knew the lyrics to. She was so caught up in her song that she almost crashed into Rarity.
"Oops! Sorry, Rarity!"
"Darling, you really need to be careful," Rarity yelled, "this outfit is of utmost importance to the Doctor! My, I do enjoy the company of a colt who understands fashion… even if his fashion is a bit questionable." Pinkie Pie took a close look at the Doctor's new suit; It was a brown coat with darker patches where the front knees bent back, a red and white dress shirt, and a bright crimson bowtie.
"Was the bowtie the Doctor's idea?"
"Sadly, yes," Rarity grumbled, "I told him that the idea of a red bowtie was ridiculous, but he insisted that he must have one!" Rarity looked at the outfit once more and smiled. "Regardless of his choice we have to get going! The Doctor expected us all to be by the Town Square half an hour ago."
"Well, at least we all made it," Applejack chimed in as she appeared with her basket full of apples, "That's what counts."
"And about time, too." Twilight Sparkle ran towards them. "The spell is set; I should be fully protected until the next sunrise."
"That's good," The Doctor said as he appeared from behind her, "that way I won't have to worry about you too much."
"Doctor," Twilight Sparkle gasped, "you startled me!" The Doctor grinned and walked around, examining everyone and their gear. When he laid eyes on the suit Rarity had made for him his eyes lit up in excitement. "Excellent work, my dear; this should do just fine." Then he walked over to Applejack and picked up and apple out of her basket. He bit into it, and a sour look came across his face. He looked as if he was going to spit the chunk of apple out, but he swallowed it with a disgusted look on his face.
"Well, what do you think?" Applejack asked curiously.
"I think," The Doctor said, "it's an apple. Now, where is Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy?"
"Up here!" Rainbow Dash was pushing the storm cloud overhead above their position. The other ponies looked in awe as the black plume floated above them. The Doctor laughed giddily watching as the cloud came to a stop. "Not a big deal," Rainbow Dash huffed, "I just had to throw this baby together."
"What a beauty!" The Doctor clapped once and looked around. "Now all we have to do is wait for Fluttershy."
"Oh, Doctor," Rainbow Dash added, "Fluttershy is already setting up out near the crater. She told me to give you this," Rainbow Dash fluttered down and handed the Doctor a bird call. "She said whenever you need those woodpeckers to start a peckin', you just blow this whistle once and they'll get right to it."
"Good, good. Are you ready to place the cloud into position?"
"You can count on me!"
"Don't forget to signal us when you have the cloud in place."
"Will do for sure!" Rainbow Dash fluttered back up and began to push the cloud toward the crater site. The Doctor looked at the other ponies, who were awaiting his next order.
"Well, what are you four just doing standing about, let's get to the TARDIS!" The Doctor galloped over to where he had parked the time machine. The others followed, and one by one they got inside. Without another seconds delay the grinding sound filled the air as the TARDIS took off for the crater site.
Back under the ground the Master was already preparing the next phase of his plan.
"This magic, combined with my own ingenuity, has produced a fine and stable communications hub. Not just that, but you two have proved to be quite reliable."
"We will follow you wherever you wish, Master." The Earth pony bowed.
"You know," The Master smirked, "For two extrapolated clones you have an absolutely uncanny resemblance to each other. I'm sure your… 'contributor' would have been quite proud of my handiwork." The Master walked over to the center of the relay, taking his place at the circle in the middle of it. "Now, we shall begin the final operation. I need you both to stand at your respective circles, as I had shown you before." The two brown ponies nodded and trotted to their circles. When they had positioned themselves appropriately the Master nodded, and looked up at the ceiling of the underground atrium. A rumbling sound could be heard; then the soil above them opened up slowly, almost as if it were organic in nature. The clouds had already blocked the sun from the sky, just as the Master had planned. The moisture in the air would work as a signal booster, come time he needed it. With his head still facing the sky he looked at one of the ponies. That was when his face changed from a friendly smirk to a menacing sneer. He stomped his hoof down once, and the two circles opened up beneath the brown ponies, causing them both to fall into a murky green liquid. They both desperately tried to escape the fluid, but it dragged them down as if it were tar.
"Did you think I would let you live just because you helped me? Your race does not deserve to be equal to that of the Time Lords." The two ponies gargled curses and screams as their atomic structure began to decompress. Their bodies melted into the fluid until nothing could be seen of their former bodies. "You diserve to be fuel for my new set of regenerations, and thanks to this 'magic' that binds this entire dimension together it has never been easier." The Master cackled as the circle beneath him opened up, revealing a vent of some kind. Up from it the same golden particles that had escaped when the Doctor regenerated floated up into the Master's body, and wrapped around him. The energy was absorbed swiftly, and just as quickly as the process had began it ended.
"You're a sick being, Master." The Doctor appeared, followed by Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. The Master looked over at them with an evil grin on his face.
"Oh look, if it isn't the Doctor and his freaky little horses!" The Master jeered. "Oh, you look absolutely wonderful in this new regeneration of yours; brand new face, brand new suit… where did you get that suit, Doctor? I must say I liked your other outfit much better."
"You ain't gonna stop us this time, Master," Applejack bellowed, "you ain't got nowhere to run, you ain't got nowhere to hide."
"You assume I even need to run or hide," The Master chuckled, "where on the face of this world do you even pick up these half wits, Doctor?!"
"What are you planning," The Doctor demanded, "I know stealing lives isn't the only thing up your sleeve."
"Quite the clever one as always, Doctor," The Master smiled, "That's why I prefer your company to that of these rotten horses!" he stomped his hoof on the floor twice, and immediately a wave of electrical energy surged through the relay. It arced up the Master's body and into his horn, and then from his horn up into the sky.
"What are you doing?!"
"I'm only doing what I do best, Doctor! Don't even try to enter the relay field; it will tear your Earth pony body to shreds. I had the honor of possessing a unicorn body…" The Master motioned to his rear, and on the base of his tail was a silver and green ring; the Master's ring. The Doctor finally understood how the Master came to be here, and with that understanding there came sadness. He looked at the Master with compassion in his heart.
"Master, I know that in your head you are suffering beyond anything I can imagine, and I know you are a magnificent Time Lord… but it has to end here. I don't want to have to do this, but if you leave me no choice I will have to stop you." The Master broke out into a horrendous, hideous laughter.
"Stop me?" The Master cackled, "And how do you plan to stop me, Doctor?"
As soon as he said that a rock tumbled out from behind the entrance to the atrium. Everyone heard the sound, including the Master. "Oh, is that it? You bring more ponies to try and stop me?" The Master raised a hoof and zapped the entrance to the relay room, bringing down a rain of rocks to block the entrance. The Doctor looked at the collapsed door blankly while the other ponies were at a loss for words. All they knew now is that their only way out was blocked. "And now, Doctor, I think you would like to be let in on a little secret. I have been building for quite a while now. In the space around this world I have several satellites in place; they are specifically tuned to pony brainwaves. I am uploading my mind in the form of a simple data transmission; think of it as a gift to those who live here. Once the data packet is done transferring I will have the satellites transmit the packet into the minds of every single pony. From them on they will know what true torment is, and they will know what I had to go through. And you, Doctor, are powerless to stop me!"
The Master sent another bolt of electrical energy at the Doctor, but this time Twilight Sparkle was quick to react. She shielded the Doctor and her friends from the incoming blast; it sizzled harmlessly on the bubble shield. The Doctor smiled at the Master as he looked on in frustration. "Powerless? Maybe completely, but out of ideas? Definitely not." The Doctor pulled out the bird call from his coat pocket, letting it hang loosely on the side of his mouth. "You see while you were plotting everything here, I was planning a little party of my own." That was when a small explosion rocked the ground beneath them. "Looks like that's the sound of a converter going critical; from what I remember I don't think you can shut those off."
"What is the meaning of this, Doctor?! What have you done?!"
"Well, while you were busy goading I decided to do a little surveillance; nothing too fancy on my part, but my clever receptors worked overtime… that's a bad way of saying things, forget I ever said that. However, I will admit that nothing clogs up an exhaust vent better than rubber; and a party balloon is no exception. Now, about that signal you were so confident about." The Doctor blew into the bird call, and immediately a thundering of pecking could be heard above them. The Master shook his head, desperately trying to shut out the noise.
"What… What have you done?!"
"Recalibrated your frequency; manually. Normally I would try and use the TARDIS for a job like that, but a few hundred woodpeckers do the trick just as well. By now your data packet has been corrupted, and the satellites won't recognize it."
"Doctor, stop this! STOP THIS NOW!"
"Oh, there is one more thing before I do stop, my dear old friend, and that is the very thing that I'm afraid you won't be able to appreciate it." He signaled to Twilight Sparkle to begin, and when he did she used her magic to summon an electrical field around the relay device. The Master attempted to stop her with his own electrical magic, but the barrier canceled out his attack, even sending it back at him. The Master roared in pain as the attack arced through his body, causing the signal he was sending to pulsate.
"Doctor, you can stop this now," The Master begged, "we can still talk this over! You can disable the field with your sonic screwdriver, and it won't have to end this way!"
"You should have thought about that before you even dared to cross me," The Doctor stated emotionlessly, "You have endangered my friends and everyone on this world, Master. This is not how I wanted it to end-"
"Then don't end it!" The Master pleaded.
"-but you have made your choice, and now I must make up mine. Rainbow Dash; let him have it!" The clouds above began to swirl, and in a flash of intense light a lightning bolt slammed down into the Master. It snapped his horn into two, and the excess energy wracked his body. The Master stood there for a moment, not even aware that he had been struck. The electrical field ceased, and the signal had been broken. Somewhere beneath the ground something exploded again, and then there was silence. The only sound in the room was the sizzling of the Master's lightning scared body. He collapsed moments later. While he lay on the ground, breathing heavily, golden particles fluttered out from his body.
"Doctor, he's regenerating!" Twilight Sparkle whispered.
"No… not regenerating… dissolving." Sure enough the master's body slowly deteriorated, every golden particle was an atom of his own existence. "His regeneration was unnatural to begin with; the supercharging of the regeneration energy is causing his atoms to disassemble. It won't be long before he is nothing at all." The Doctor looked on sternly as the Master dissolved into the air. In one last moment of life the Master reached out to the Doctor with one hoof, and said six haunting words:
"My blood… on your hands… Doctor." And with those parting words he disappeared; the golden particles fluttered away leaving behind the silver and green ring. The Doctor walked over and picked it up.
"This ring can only bring back the Master so many times," The Doctor muttered, "His DNA imprint is starting to fade. He may be able to come back, but not entirely." The Doctor placed the ring into his coat pocket. Then he collapsed.
"Doctor!" Twilight Sparkle rushed over to the Doctor, holding him in her arms. "Doctor, it's alright now, we did it!"
"Yes… yes we did," The Doctor smiled, looking at Twilight through half closed eyes, "Now all I really need is some rest."

Dear Princess Celestia,

I think that I can state with confidence that the Doctor is a blessing to us all. He has not only saved all of Equestria three times in a row, but he has also made a personal sacrifice. Being a Time Lord, he was able to regenerate. His face and body changed as the old one died, but he is still the same Doctor that we knew from before. Even after so long the Doctor has surprised me again and again; his tenacity is only matched by his intelligence. Even so, I worry about him quite a bit. He shares a lot of his stories with us from his past, but he does not reveal much about his present state of being. It's almost as though he is incapable of sharing his emotions. Someday I wish to change that; someday I want the Doctor to know that we are all here to help him, just as he is here to help us all.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.

The Doctor was alone in the TARDIS, tuning a few things leisurely. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash watched as he worked, almost ignoring them as he did so.
"So, Doc," Rainbow Dash began, "What are you going to do with the ring?"
"Don't you mean what have I done with the ring? I've kept it in my study, locked away in a safe where it shall cause no more harm. The Master's reign has come to an end; I saw to it that it did." The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to examine the console. He fumbled with it, almost dropping it, then picked it up the right way and started over.
"Doctor," Twilight Sparkle broke the silence, "what happens now?"
"Oh, I think I have a little something in mind…"
Princess Celestia had just finished her evening tea when she called Princess Luna into her study. "Is there something the matter, sister?" Luna asked.
"It is only fitting that on this day we watch the sun set together. It is a joyous occasion that I think must be celebrated, if only between sisters." Luna smiled, and used her horn to begin raising the moon as Celestia used her magic to lower the sun. When they had completed their tasks they both watched as their magic worked on its own. The Beautiful sunset was giving way in the west as the moon began to rise in the east.
"Isn't it just gorgeous?" Luna beamed.
"Indeed it is, my dearest sister, indeed it-" Suddenly, without warning, the TARDIS flew across their field of vision, startling Princess Luna and catching Princess Celestia off guard. The two of them watched as the tiny blue box flew across the sky, pulled along by Rainbow Dash. Celestia chuckled as they crossed over the setting sun; their silhouettes almost glowing in the fading sunlight.
"W-What was that?!" Luna gasped. Princess Celestia laughed, and despite her shock and disbelief, Luna did too.
"Just a couple of friends having fun, Luna," Princess Celestia giggled. Eventually the outline of the TARDIS disappeared from their view completely. "Thank you, Doctor," She smiled, "Thank you ever so much."
The conclusion to episode 4 of Doctor Whoof.

Hopefully I did this well enough; I still think it can be improved on, and if it can I will be fixing it.

Doctor Who is (C) to the BBC
MLP is (C) to HUB Entertainment
Story Written by Jonathan Lopez (TheGoldenCrowbar)
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Saeani Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist
A wonderful story! You have been doing a great job. The only thing is, what does our new pony doctor look like?
Hehe... I can just see Matt Smith as a pony. You portrayed the 11th doctor beautifully.
Haha, thank you. ^^
Wow. What a great ending! I really love the novella concept for the stories. I think this is great!
Wow.... just..... just wow. As a dedicated Brony and Whovian, I must say sir, it is an honor to read this story. As a n00b fic writer, I bow to your skill!
Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear someone say that about my writing. ^^
No problem, I can respect skill when it's there, and BOY is it there!
phoenixbat May 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Very nice episode x3 It is really well done and everything!
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