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May 18, 2011
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"So, I'm to make an audience with this Princess of yours, is that correct?"
"Yes," Twilight Sparkle beamed, "and what an exciting meeting this will be!" Both her and the Doctor were aboard the TARDIS, already on route to the castle of Canterlot, where they would be meeting Princess Celestia, fair and great ruler of Equestria. Rarity had sewn a wonderful tuxedo for the Doctor, and Twilight Sparkle wore the gown she had when she attended the Grand Galloping Gala. "So Doctor, before we go through with this, could you please enlighten me upon your encounter with the Queen of Anglend?"
"England," The Doctor corrected, "and that was more or less one of the many times I've encountered her through my travels in time."
"Oh, so the same Queen has lasted through all this time?"
"No, different woman," The Doctor mused, "But even so, I've never really been on good terms with the Queen of England. Last time I met her she tried to have me beheaded. And before that we saved her from a Werewolf, and she banished me! I tell you, humans are the most interesting creatures to deal with."
"Humans," Twilight Sparkle inquired, "what are those?"
"Another race I've encountered in my travels… They looked exactly like my race except for very obvious genetic differences. I've always been at their side, from the beginning of their civilization to the end of it. I don't think I will ever be done saving them from themselves. Violent buggers, but some are good at heart." The Doctor grinned and activated several other switches and buttons, and then he moved over to the other side and pumped some kind of nozzle, and then signaled for Twilight to stop her magic. The same thump sounded, signaling the landing of the TARDIS. The Doctor rushed over to the door and signaled Twilight Sparkle to stay by the command unit.
"Just wait while I survey the area outside." The Doctor stuck his head from out of the capsule, only to be met by the stares of over a hundred ponies. They all gawked and stared at the little blue box which had just appeared right before their eyes. The Doctor smiled, and turned to face Twilight Sparkle.
"I do believe they're excited to see us!" Twilight smiled, and ambled over to the Doctor, taking his hoof in hers. They had materialized inside of a massive marble gathering room, where all of the famous ponies in Equestria stood on either side of a long, red carpet that led to the throne where Princess Celestia sat. She was accompanied by her royal guards, as usual, and she was wearing the most dainty, warming smile on her face. Twilight Sparkle blushed lightly as they strode over the carpet, trying their best not to brag about the constant glances they got. In front of them the Princess was visibly amused, but retaining her royal integrity. When they got in front of her the two of them bowed; however, the Doctor bowed in his normal human manner, so that when he did bow he ended up tripping on himself. He fell flat on his face, in which he responded by immediately picked himself off the ground and corrected his bow. Twilight Sparkle began sweating nervously, madly blushing in embarrassment.
"Sorry, your highness," The Doctor whispered, "I've still not the time to get used to this body, let alone this world's customs."
"That is quite alright, Doctor," Princess Celestia responded in an elegant and reserved voice. Her voice caught the Doctor off guard, and he nearly reacted out of his own personal need to respond.
"My, your highness, my apologies; I must say that your voice is quite soothing." The other ponies looked on in what seemed to be disbelief as the princess started chuckling at the Doctor's words.
"I have not heard that kind of response before, Doctor," The Princess chortled, "But it most certainly brings joy to my heart. I would like to hear more about you, Doctor, as do my loyal subjects here in Canterlot. Would you mind telling them more about yourself?"
"I do not mind at all." The Doctor smiled at the audience before him. He cleared his throat and closed his eyes, as though to envision something within his mind. Then, his eyes opened up into an expression of kindness; a kind of parental devotion that melted every heart in the room. "Everyone calls me the Doctor; Just the Doctor, nothing more, nothing less. I have traveled time and space and have lived for over nine hundred years. I am a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, and honorable and mighty race that has lasted since the dawn of the universe. I travel with the TARDIS," The Doctor pointed to the big, blue, wooden box, "Which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is my vessel; I use it to travel across the stars. I have saved and ended more lives than I can possibly hope to count on my own, but I continue to hope to save lives, and I continue to bring my companions to see the universe. That is who I am, your highness. I am the Doctor." He bowed toward the audience, who clapped lightly in approval, and then faced the Princess once more.
"Doctor, you have lived quite an amazing life," Princess Celestia smiled, "You are most certainly a unique individual. And for nine hundred years old you don't seem that old to me."
"I moisturize." The Doctor grinned. "Sorry; bad joke, but on a happy note, your kingdom is safe under our watchful eyes. I think that together we can protect Equestria; no matter what comes our way." The Princess nodded, and signaled him forward. The Doctor stepped forward and took a bow before her.
"Doctor," She declared as she placed a hoof on his shoulder, "I appoint you as my highest level of security here in Equestria. If up to the task, you must keep a watchful eye on any potential invaders," She moved her hoof to his other shoulder, "and you must keep a watchful eye over my loyal subjects." She moved back and allowed the Doctor to stand again. "So, Doctor, will you be able to do it?
"Princess Celestia," The Doctor replied, "It would be my honor." The entire room then broke into cheers as every pony in the room applauded the Doctor and his noble choice. As for the Doctor, he and Twilight Sparkle could only watch as they celebrated them both as heroes. It was at this point that Twilight Sparkle caught a glimpse of something in the corner of her eye; a fast, fluttering light flew into the back of the TARDIS, and vanished from her sight. A moment later the machine began making the same grinding sound, but it wasn't entirely the same as taking off. The Doctor looked over at the capsule and then looked over at Princess Celestia. "I apologize for cutting this meeting short, your highness, but duty calls!" He motioned for Twilight Sparkle to join him, and they both ran to the TARDIS as it kept calling out.
"I don't understand it," The Doctor said once they were both inside, "She's never made that kind of sound before, at least not here to be precise."
"Does the sound mean anything to you, Doctor?"
"Usually that kind of sound means the TARDIS is being relayed to exact coordinates," The Doctor explained, "but there are not any coordinates on the screen. It's as if the TARDIS wants to take me somewhere on her own volition." The Doctor pressed a few buttons and threw back a lever. "Maybe we should check this out as soon as we can, aye?"
"Whatever comes to mind, Doctor!" Twilight Sparkle used her magic once more to start the TARDIS off. The same grinding sound filled the air, but the ride was a bit bumpier than usual. She almost stumbled as the ship seemed to collide into many different things. "Doctor," Twilight Sparkle called out, "Why is the ride so bumpy this time?!"
"We're travelling through time!" The Doctor responded, "The TARDIS is sending us to a point in time that even I can't determine. Whenever it is, it looks rather far!" The Doctor steadied himself on the rail behind him and watched the time meter go back and forth. "Something's definitely not right, here… what have you got for me this time, old girl?" After what seemed like an eternity of shaking and struggling the time machine came to a stop. Twilight Sparkle released her grip on the power source and was panting on the floor. The Doctor rushed over to the door and looked outside.
"What is it, Doctor," Twilight Sparkle managed to gasp, "Where are we?"
"You might want to change out of your dress," The Doctor suggested, "because whatever's out there might not be the cleanest thing you've ever experienced.
When the Doctor and Twilight Sparkle were out of the TARDIS a vast landscape of swampland stretched out before them. The smell of rotting wood and pungent water filled the air, and the noise of countless insects and lizards crowded the atmosphere. The trees were the worst part of it all; they seemed to go on for miles at a time, blocking their view with their number. A strange statue glared down at them through faceted eyes, and it looked similar to a cross between a man and a grasshopper.
"Doctor, what is that thing?"
"I don't know for sure; an ancestor of the Malmooth? It most certainly looks less evolved. This must have been an early colony of theirs. What could have caused all this?"
"Caused what?"
"The Malmooth survive on dry, almost desert climate with very little water. If this is one of their colonies, it must mean that all this swamp land came after colonization. The age of the statue supports my theory; from the looks of it I can say it is at least several thousands of years old." The Doctor looked out beyond the statue and to the bogs that seemed to stretch out for miles in front of them. "Oh, Twilight Sparkle, if you could only see what I am thinking…"
"What; what is it you see, Doctor?"
"This bog, these deep pits of swamp water; they are what are left of these pre Malmooth homes. We are standing on top of a graveyard." Twilight Sparkle lifted a hoof out of the muck.
"Okay, now you decide to tell me." Twilight Sparkle grimaced as she shook the mud off.
"Why would the TARDIS drag us out here? Is there something important beyond this growth that needs to be explored?" The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and began surveying the area around the landing. "Oh, if you want to explore, please do, but don't stray too far. Who knows what might be lurking on this world."
"Wow, I never thought a brand new world would be so… depressing." Twilight Sparkle trotted over to the statue and examined it. "So, here we are on some unknown world, in some unknown time, looking for what exactly?"
"Well the TARDIS registered this situation as unclassified, so I haven't the slightest idea." The Doctor put his sonic screwdriver back in his pocket. "I think we should go up that way," he pointed to a group of trees, "I'm getting an energy reading up there. If we can find out why there would be energy readings all the way out there we might just be closer to solving this mystery." Twilight Sparkle started ahead of the Doctor, who was taking his time examining the readouts on his screwdriver. She could help but notice, however, that the trees were emanating a sort of magical field. It was almost as though they had been supercharged to perform a specific task. She wouldn't have to question it any longer, however, as several large trees sprouted behind her. She turned around, only to stare face to face with a tree barricade.
"Doctor," She rushed over to the trees to find the Doctor, "Help me!"
"Hold on!" The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and started examining the trees. "Blast, this thing doesn't work on wood! Can you use your magic to form a way out?" She tried to use her magic, but something was repressing it. She couldn't even use the simplest of spells.
"It's no good, Doctor; something on this world is stopping me from using my magic!" The Doctor paced back and forth, trying to think of something. He then turned to face Twilight Sparkle. "I think I know why this is happening, and I'm sorry… but you are going to have to trust me." She looked at the Doctor with frightened eyes.
"Trust you; trust you with what?!"
"You're going to have to find a way out on your own. I'll meet up with you at the end of the road, but whatever it is that is keeping you here wants you alone for this. I know you can do this, Twilight Sparkle." The Doctor turned around and slowly trotted back to the TARDIS.
"Doctor, wait! I can't do this by myself! Doctor," Twilight Sparkle screamed as the Doctor walked away, "please don't do this to me! Doctor!" As if to taunt her fear the area behind the trees darkened until she could see nothing beyond them except a pitch black. She fell to the ground and whimpered; she was alone. Alone on a strange world with no magic, no Doctor; she had nothing. She picked herself up off the muddy floor and proceeded forward. Even if the Doctor had left her she knew she couldn't be in too much danger. The Doctor trusted her to do it alone, and with his image in her head she began her journey into the unknown.
The swamp was filled with the noises of a hundred unknown creatures as she ventured forth, using her horn as the only thing it could be at this moment; a light source. Fortunately she was not completely helpless without her magic. She could still sense the power source that the Doctor mentioned before, along with the magic that surrounded the trees. Every now and then the tress would open up a path for her, and she would take it. She didn't care that she was getting lost; her image of the Doctor and his wonderful machine kept her going, beyond anything else.
"When I find that Doctor," Twilight Sparkle whispered angrily, "I am going to give him such a slap he won't feel his face for a week." She kept going until she reached a fork in the road. At that point there was a large jumble of metal and piping sitting in the middle of the clearing. It looked like it may have come from a vessel similar to the Doctor's, but with no knowledge of machines of that variety she could not be entirely sure. She ignored the pile after initially discovering it and proceeded to examine her two options. Both paths seemed identical, and so she didn't think there would be much harm from choosing one or the other, but then she examined the pile of metal parts again. When she looked at it from a certain angle she noticed something immediately; the parts were laid out in front of her in the shape of a needle, and the needle was pointed to the path on the right. Without any further questioning she decided to take the right path, and upon crossing a certain line in the mud the trees closed off the pathway behind her. She sighed, and continued.
The swamp world seemed to be immersed in a permanent darkness. She had already been traveling for what seemed to be hours, but the light above never changed. She felt cold, nervous, and above all else alone. She tried to keep the image of the Doctor in her mind, but the more she walked the harder she found the task to be. Even so, there was still hope. She came across a clearing and saw it as a good place to take a nap. Twilight Sparkle walked to the middle of the clearing and sat down. Without thinking of anything else other than the Doctor she fell asleep.
In the middle of her dreams she could see something. It was the Doctor; and yet it wasn't. He was back in his original body, and he looked sad. He stood in the middle of the darkness, looking on at a bright ring of fire. He stared, ever so solemnly at this ring. That was when she first picked it up; a noise in the corner of her mind. Tap, tap, tap, tap; a rhythm of four. Tap, tap, tap, tap; and it kept getting louder. It kept getting louder and louder until she saw the Doctor burst into a cloud of glowing dust. As the dust settled she saw another figure. This figure was much like the Doctor, but it glared at her with evil eyes. It smiled at her, and then it laughed. It laughed with such madness that Twilight Sparkle thought she would go crazy! Then the figure opened its mouth, and a large, red and white snake flew out of his jaws and bit down on the back of her neck.
Twilight Sparkle awoke with a scream, only to find that she was still in the same clearing she had fallen asleep in. Only this time, however, the floor beneath her was different. Instead of the damp soil from earlier she found herself sitting upon a large stone carving that stretched out in a circular clearing. She got up and examined it immediately. It was a carving of a large snake; similar to the one in her dream. It was elaborate, and despite being so ancient and cracked the sculpture still showed no sign of deteriorating. The area behind the snake was adorned with various and seemingly random patterns and the snake itself had been stylized curiously. It was curled around the circumference of the carving; it's one eye looking deep into Twilight's soul. She felt uncomfortable, desperately reminding herself it was only a carving.
Then, without so much as a warning, the trees opened up, revealing a large, stone archway. Twilight Sparkle jumped, and was too startled to approach it at first, but regained her senses and proceeded onward. The archway led to what appeared to be the remnants of an old temple; its walls long since crumbled away. The stone walk path was still intact, however, and Twilight Sparkle followed this forward. The sounds of the swamp around her seemed to hush as she kept moving, which made her all the more nervous.
"Keep it together, girl," she told herself, "You'll be with the Doctor soon. You won't be lost forever." She wanted to believe it so badly, but she couldn't kid herself. Her thoughts pointed to the same feeling of abandonment. The fact that the darkness seemed to get thicker was not helping either. Her horn could barely light up the area in front of her, and with that fact staring her in the face she was already starting to shiver. That was when she saw something in front of her. She thought she was dreaming, but she wanted it to be true. Twilight Sparkle broke into a gallop toward what she thought she saw. What she did find stopped her dead in her tracks. It was the TARDIS, but it had been overgrown with vines. The lights from the inside were dimmed, and the glass on the windows was cracked. Frightened even more so than before she trotted slowly toward the entrance of the wooden box; from what she could tell the machine had aged considerably. "But that's impossible," she whispered, "I've only been away for a couple of hours…" She placed a hoof on the wooden door and to her dismay it swung open slowly. Inside was even worse than she could have imagined.
The grating on the floor had been torn in several areas in what looked like several explosions, and the central control panel was tilted. The glass tube in the middle had been smashed; stray wires were strewn all over. The TARDIS was really dead now, and with that knowledge Twilight Sparkle got down and cried. Where her hoof landed she felt something cylindrical. She picked it up; it was the Doctor's sonic screwdriver. Next to it was a note scrawled in messy handwriting that read:

Keep going.

She looked around and noticed that the door to the TARDIS interior had been forced open. Twilight Sparkle cleared her tears and kept on moving. She debated whether or not to take the sonic screwdriver, but she decided against it, seeing as how she didn't know how to use it anyway. If she found the Doctor it would be right where she left it.
The TARDIS corridors were no simpler to navigate; so many winding tunnels and pathways. The hallways were very different from the control room, especially in terms of color. Where the main control room had been a bronze and blue color, the interior was a decrepit white and gold. The tunnels seemed to stretch on for several meters at a time. Every now and then she would find a dead end, and backtracking in such a labyrinth could drive anyone mad. Despite this, she kept on looking for the Doctor, all the while wishing that this was all just a really bad dream. It was just too much for her to take.
She had just turned the corner of an extra long corridor when she heard a voice. It was a female voice, and it was whispering something over and over. Twilight Sparkle tried to get in closer, carefully listening to what the voice was saying. The corridor was lined with several doors, and so she tried to pinpoint the exact door the voice was coming from. She could hear it getting closer and closer the more she traveled down this single corridor, and when she finally thought she found the right door the voice stopped. Somewhat terrified Twilight Sparkle tapped a hoof on the door. She got no response. She tapped once more on the door, and this time it cracked open slowly. She pulled the two panels apart, and when she looked inside she sighed in relief. Behind the door was an empty bedroom. It must have belonged to one of the Doctor's former companions, she thought silently to herself. She stepped inside, making sure not to disturb anything. After having a good look around she figured there was nothing of any importance, and so she started for the exit. That was when she tripped over something, and when she fell she slammed her face across the metal floor. Whimpering she reached for whatever had tripped her. She had tripped over a picture in a frame.
It was a picture of a blonde woman wearing a blue jacket and jeans. She had such a wonderful smile on her face, and it comforted Twilight Sparkle to see it. Next to the woman, however, was a picture of a strange, bald headed man. He wore an equally bright smile, but there was something about him that made Twilight think she had seen him once before. She dismissed the feeling, however, reassuring herself that this man was a total stranger. She was just about to put the photo down when she saw something in the image; something that shouldn't have been there. It was the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, and it was in the bald man's hands.
"That's not right," Twilight Sparkle mumbled, "he can't have a sonic screwdriver. Only the Doctor can have a sonic…" That was when the thought clicked. The image seemed familiar because the man in the image WAS the Doctor! As much as she knew it was impossible, her heart told her that this man, the man in her dream, and the pony she knew were one and the same. She got up slowly, still examining the image. She could not believe what her feelings were pointing at, but the reality was there; it had to be a picture of the Doctor. "But if it is the Doctor why does he look so different?" Different face, same Doctor; her mind was reeling as she tried to put the pieces of an incredibly frustrating puzzle.
Then, a crash came from down the hall that pulled her out of her thoughts. She put the picture down and ran out into the hall. The crash had come from the last door in the hall. The panels had been knocked open, and in front of her the Doctor lay on the floor. He was badly cut up, and looked at Twilight Sparkle with worry.
"Doctor!" Twilight Sparkle ran out to help him, but he held a hoof out in front of him.
"Stay back," The Doctor shouted, "Whatever you do don't come near me!" Twilight Sparkle stopped as she was told, and looked at the Doctor as tears streamed down her face.
"Doctor… what's going on, Doctor?"
"I'm sorry; I'm so, so sorry." Suddenly a massive snake appeared from behind the destroyed door. It was the same serpent from her dream, and when she saw it, she cowered in fear. The massive creature opened its mouth and bit down on the Doctor.
"Doctor, no!" Twilight Sparkle screamed as the snake consumed the Doctor whole. The beast then turned to face the frightened pony.
"Feast," the beast hissed, "Feast!" Twilight Sparkle took off running, still crying as she tried desperately not to stumble. She could hear the creature coming after her, slithering across the dilapidated metal floor. Her mind was in a state of shock, and she desperately tried to back track. The monster was still in full pursuit, slamming into doorways as it navigated the corridors. With each of these miniature explosions of sound going off she screamed until she felt she could scream no more. "Feast," The snake continued to bellow, "Feast!" Twilight Sparkle needed to open one of the doors to slow the beast down. As she kept running she found one, and forced it open for the monster. It had no time to react, and before it could turn it flew right into the open doorway. Its head slammed into the back of the room with a crunch, and the monster howled in pain. Twilight Sparkle took the opening she desperately needed and fled toward the TARDIS's control room. She kept running despite having run out of breath, and as soon as she was sure the control room was close she could hear the snake moving again. Twilight Sparkle picked up the pace, her lungs still burning; this was her only chance to survive.
She saw the last door right in front of her, and when she did Twilight Sparkle tripped and tumbled into the room, gasping for breath. She reached for the sonic screwdriver and pressed the button on it. The door leading to the inside of the TARDIS slammed shut, but so did the exit. Twilight Sparkle sat in the dim lights of the destroyed time machine, shivering, gasping, and crying. That was when she heard the slithering. The sound seemed to be everywhere, and along with it was the female voice. She curled up, weeping desperately for the Doctor as she heard the female voice repeat the same words over and over again: "Mara… Mara… Mara!"
"Please Doctor, please help me," Twilight Sparkle cried, "I just want to go home! I don't want to die, please!" The slithering got louder, and the voice became more maddened.
"Mara… Mara… Mara!" It was at that moment that the snake reappeared from one of the broken holes in the grating. It looked at Twilight Sparkle hungrily as she kept crying. She knew it was over for her; as it was the end for her magnificent Doctor, so it would be the end for her.
Suddenly, from out of the center console, a fluttering light appeared. It hovered in front of the serpent. The beast roared, and tried to turn away from the light. Twilight Sparkle watched as the light grew brighter and brighter. Eventually it was so bright that it caused the snake to utter a final, horrifying roar, and then shatter into a million pieces as though it were made of glass. The blinding light faded back into a fluttering glow in an instant, and it fluttered down to Twilight Sparkle. It landed on her horn, and did a sort of dance atop it.
"You," Twilight Sparkle sniffled, "I remember you." She wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled, "Thank you; thank you so much." The creature started to glow again, but instead of an intense, blinding light it was a soft light that engulfed her. It made her feel calm; at peace. Her eyelids slowly grew heavier and heavier, and she finally drifted into a restful, dreamless sleep.
When Twilight Sparkle woke up she was in the middle of the swamp once more. Upon looking around he did not see anything familiar. The trees blocked her path on all directions. She slowly got up and tried to find a way out. When she approached a certain patch of trees they shrank into the ground, revealing the way back to a worried looking Doctor and a fully functional TARDIS.
"Doctor!" The Doctor looked up as Twilight Sparkle ran towards him. He was about to tell her to be careful with running across the muck when she grabbed hold of him in a tight embrace. She started crying again, but they were undoubtedly tears of joy. The Doctor smiled as he held onto her.
"I knew you could do it." The Doctor grinned. Twilight Sparkle, however, was too busy with the joy of being alive, and being here with her magnificent, wonderful Doctor.
Inside the TARDIS Twilight Sparkle was relaying the events of her struggle in the swamp, and her encounter with the serpent and the broken down TARDIS in the middle of nowhere to the Doctor. He listened intently as she described every single horrifying detail.
"And I remember hearing a voice when I was in that TARDIS," Twilight Sparkle continued, "That voice which kept repeating… Mara." The Doctor looked at her sternly, still absorbed in his own thoughts. "Doctor, what does Mara mean?" He trotted over to the console of the time machine, flipping a single switch before clearing his throat once.
"It's the name of the serpent you faced." The Doctor frowned. "The Mara was an entity created from the evil in the minds of the people of the planet Manussa, in the Scrampus system. It was given its own life by way of the Great Crystal. It exists in the minds of its victims and can transfer itself in the form of a mark, to those who yielded to it. I remember it was defeated on Manussa, and was banished to the 'dark places of the inside.'" The Doctor signed, scratching his mane with his hoof. "I thought I had defeated it long ago, but not being able to completely destroy it I guess it manifested itself here, feeding upon anything unlucky enough to drop into its grasp." He looked up into Twilight Sparkle's eyes. "I'm sorry that I sent you in there; I didn't know the Mara was behind it all, I thought it was something else that brought us here."
"It's alright Doctor; I'm safe now. Let's just go home."
"Alright," The Doctor smiled, "One trip back to present day Ponyville!" As the Doctor began messing with the controls Twilight Sparkle remembered what she forgot to tell the Doctor beforehand. She had been so caught up describing the Mara that the memory of the glowing, fluttering creature had not crossed her mind until just now.
"Doctor, there is something else I forgot to mention." The Doctor turned to face her. "When I thought all of it was going to end, and I was going to be eaten by the Mara, I was protected by something; a sort of bright, fluttering light. And when we were in Canterlot visiting the Princess I saw the exact same light rush into the back of the TARDIS." The Doctor thought hard on this, his face contorted into a look of puzzlement. "Does that light seem to strike a familiarity at all?" The Doctor looked at his console, and then smiled.
"Oh you clever little tricksters," He mumbled, "I never thought you would go that far in your silly little antics… So it was just as I thought all along."
"Let's just say a little thing from Earth followed me here." The Doctor threw the switch and signaled to Twilight Sparkle. "If you would be so kind as to check your magic? I think we can start heading home now." Twilight Sparkle focused her attention on the power source of the TARDIS, and immediately the energy circuit started flowing again. "Oh yes!" The Doctor barked with glee as he kept throwing switches and pressing buttons.
"Doctor, you are just so incredibly…"
"Incredibly what?" The Doctor asked.
"Fascinating," Twilight Sparkle responded, "Incredibly fascinating." The Doctor smiled as they both took off in the TARDIS, bound for home.

Dear Princess Celestia,

When we last left you I was under the impression that being with the Doctor would be the safest way to experience an exciting adventure. I was proven wrong, several thousands of years in the future. The Doctor's wonderful machine took us in time to an ancient ruin in the far future, where I struggled to fight off the Mara, a horrid snake like being that fed off of suffering and madness. I did not think I would be able to defeat the creature, but the Doctor trusted me. His trust was all I needed to go forward and pierce the darkness. However, that isn't to say I didn't get help from an unexpected ally. In the end I came to realize that the Doctor isn't the only one that can achieve miracles.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.

"So, what are we going to tell the others?" The Doctor opened the door to the TARDIS and stepped outside. "Do you want me to tell them, or should you?"
"I think I can handle that part myself, Doctor." Just then Pinkie Pie tackled Twilight Sparkle to the floor, gripping her in a hug so tight she was gasping for air. "Pinkie Pie… you can stop that now!" She let go, only to start jumping up and down.
"Where were you two?! You've been gone for a whole week! I've been looking everywhere for the both of you and I got so worried, everybody is worried too, we were so worried, where were you?!"
"A week?!" Twilight Sparkle looked at the Doctor. "We were gone for a week."
"Oh," The Doctor smiled sheepishly, "The time calibration must have been off and I forgot to reset it; my mistake.
The next episode in my Doctor Whoof Saga

I sort of felt this one was lacking, but I couldn't really think of much to add to it. So anyway, without further adeu, here is the story. :3

Doctor Who is (C) to the BBC
MLP is (C) to HUB Entertainment
Story Written by Jonathan Lopez (TheGoldenCrowbar)
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BlackRose11A Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

when i say the morsturize joke all i could say was


haha lol casandra

BlackRose11A Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and when they saw the statue i thought it might be a weepingangel thing in desuise but nope
What was the light
*waves his hands around* nobody knows...
You've got some great stuff to work with here! Metal ponies, the 4 taps? I cannot wait to find out what happens next!
DIRicheson Jun 11, 2011
Four taps? Are you bringing back the Master, or is it just a random thing?
You'll find out. :3
The Mara? Very nice. I'm pleased to see someone with knowledge of Doctors 1-8 writing fics. I myself have been thinking about writing one using a Doctor Whooves version of The 3rd Doctor, my personal favorite Doctor, but I'm unsure as to what the crisis should be. Daleks? Cybermen? Axons? There are just so many options.
Definitely a lot of different and amazing aliens appear in the 1-8 series, and I think people don't look back enough and consider what potential most of them have. That's why I had to use the Mara, because the concept was just far too good to let it go to waste.
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