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May 16, 2011
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"Keep it steady!" The Doctor yelled out to Twilight Sparkle.
"I'm trying!" The Doctor, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash were all trying to control the TARDIS. Twilight was at the console, using her magic to keep the machine afloat while Rainbow Dash used a rope to steer the vessel.
"Why are we even doing this; I thought the TARDIS could fly on its own!" Rainbow Dash yelled as the vessel swayed back and forth.
"It can, but I want to save as much power as possible," The Doctor shouted over the wind, "That way I won't have to be stuck! With Twilight Sparkle charging the already existing energy we can fly without using up the TARDIS's auxiliary power! And with you steering it I can save even more energy!" The capsule dipped as Twilight Sparkle desperately tried to keep the ship steady. Before the Doctor even knew what was happening the ship had already began a course over Ponyville. "Rainbow, I need you to keep it steady for as long as you can! We won't be able to keep altitude if the TARDIS hits the top of a building!"
"Gotcha, Doctor!" Rainbow swayed back and forth, trying to make calculations in her mind to avoid the tops of the structures below. The Doctor occupied himself with steadying the capsule with the help of Twilight Sparkle.
"I don't know how much longer I can keep her up, Doctor!" Twilight Sparkle yelled out.
"Keep her up for as long as you possibly can! We're almost out of Ponyville-"
"Tree!" Sure enough, the TARDIS crashed into a tree, and the Doctor and Twilight Sparkle were sent flying out of the doors of the machine. Rainbow Dash looked down on the wreckage in embarrassment, the capsule lodged at the bottom of the tree with both its doors flung open, and the two ponies lying on the grass in a daze. Unbeknownst to the three ponies a small, jar-like device had flown out of the crashed time machine, landing into a bush several hundred feet away.
"Sorry, the rope loosened mid flight. I didn't have time to give much of a warning."
"Fair… fair enough." The Doctor mumbled. He got back on his feet and helped Twilight Sparkle onto hers. "So, just to let you all know, for a flimsy old wooden box that TARDIS of mine has taken quite a beating over all these years." He walked over to the entrance of the time machine and placed a hoof on the side. "What do you both say to a nice cup of tea? I could really do with one after that nice stumble!"
"Gee, I could really do with a cup of tea right about now." Twilight Sparkle sighed.
"I guess I can tag along," Rainbow Dash yawned, "I kind of need to take a break from all that flying. That rope really put a strain on my energy."
"Sorry about all that trouble, girls," The Doctor chuckled, "I really appreciate the assistance. Now that I know you can steer the TARDIS I can use that saved up energy on more important things, such as time travel." The Doctor walked into his machine and got to work at the controls. "Not to say that a good joy ride now and then isn't important, but I really need to keep this extra power for the essential moments." The two ponies watched as the Doctor messed around with the controls and set several buttons, knobs, and switches into place. "Now, Twilight Sparkle, if you would please." Twilight aimed her horn at the center dais. She focused all of her magic onto the device, and immediately the TARDIS began to work. The same grinding sound could be heard as Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and the Doctor traveled in his marvelous machine for a nice cup of tea, and a well deserved rest.
The Doctor decided it best if he traveled to Rarity's Boutique, since the last time he tried the Café he was 'incredibly disappointed with the service.' And by this statement he meant that he was grumpy that they only served in return for currency. "I really don't get the whole point of money anymore," The Doctor ranted, "The more I travel the more I see that money just makes things worse! I'd rather have nothing to do with money."
"I'm sure of it," Rarity giggled. Twilight Sparkle was sipping her tea, listening in on the conversation, while Rainbow Dash was taking a nap upstairs.
"Oi, you best not be mocking me." The Doctor yelled jokingly, "I was set with protecting the Queen of England once!"
"The Queen of what now?" Twilight Sparkle and Rarity both looked at the Doctor.
"Oh… Shut up," The Doctor mumbled, and then laughed. The other two joined in on the laughter, still unaware of where or what England was.
"Oh, speaking of strange things," Rarity tried to contain her laughter, "Something rather strange has been happening as of late."
"You don't say?" The Doctor grinned, "Well, I'm all for strange things. What seems to be the issue, Ms. Rarity?" He brought the tea to his lips and took another sip as Rarity began her story of the day before.
"It was just like any other day, really. I was preparing another outfit to display for this very boutique. I had my mannequins placed right over there," she pointed to where two mannequins stood, "and I had my fabric over there." she pointed to the shelf of fabrics. "Well, I had just finished cutting the fabric out, and I needed to place the fabric on one of the mannequins to make the correct shape and form. That was when I noticed something strange about the mannequins."
"And what would that be?"
"See those two mannequins over there?" Rarity pointed to the figures once more.
"Yes, I see them."
"Well, I had three mannequins." The Doctors eyes narrowed.
"Interesting; quite the puzzler I must say." He trotted over to the figures and examined a small patch of dust that had once been beneath one of the mannequin stands. "Did you know that there were stories like this back where I came from? Plastic dummies going missing? Problem was that people always blamed some thief and just went and bought another one." He looked up at Rarity, making direct eye contact with her. "Problem was there was no thief. I mean, who would want to steal a plastic dummy?" He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and examined the patch of dust. The screwdriver kept buzzing and led him to the front entrance of the boutique. "Now that is certainly interesting."
"What is it Doctor?" Twilight Sparkle asked.
"This reading says your mannequin was dragged out the front door" The Doctor examined it again, and his brow scrunched into an expression of frustration. "But it also tells me it was dragged out in perfect hoof like patterns." He looked directly at Rarity, who was already getting chills. "Your dummy walked out that door."
"But… how is that even possible?" Rarity asked, somewhat frightened by the idea.
"There is a very plausible explanation for such a strange occurrence, but to think that the Nestine would try and go so far into this section of time and space…"
"Nestine; what's that, Doctor?" The Doctor shook his head slowly, and then turned to face both Rarity and Twilight Sparkle.
"The Nestine are one of the oldest creatures to ever exist in this universe. They were one of the many races born within the Dark Times. The Carrionite we faced were one of these great and terrifying monsters, along with the Racnoss and the Great Vampires. They still exist to this day, but diluted and weakened. Before then they were vicious and impossible to destroy. The Nestine are essentially intelligent plastic based organisms who could manipulate other plastic forms to their will. If the consciousness is on this planet we have to act quickly to neutralize it before it becomes any stronger. I've encountered them more than enough to know that they are dangerous, and should be approached with caution." Rarity was already shivering in fear while Twilight Sparkle listened on as attentively as one could be. The Doctor then smiled and walked over to Rarity. He placed a hoof on her shoulder. "Now, what am I doing telling you old ghost stories? This is supposed to be a relaxation hour! I'm sure there's nothing to worry about."
"But Doctor," Rarity stuttered, "Your story about the Nestine-"
"Bah, old news," The Doctor retorted, "We'll deal with whatever it could be when it arises! Besides, we handled that Carrionite, didn't we? I'm sure we can all get through this." Despite being visibly shaken Rarity nodded and continued to drink her tea.
Later that day, as the night closed in, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle both went home. On request of Rarity the Doctor was to stay by her boutique. The Doctor agreed and parked his TARDIS behind the shop. They both called it a night and went to sleep. However, in the middle of the night, just as Rarity was catching up on her beauty sleep, there was a tapping at her window. At first she dismissed it as a bug or a bird tapping at the glass, but it kept tapping. The tapping seemed to become more and more frustrated, and it echoed so badly that Rarity became frightened. She sat up in bed and slowly brought a hoof to her sleep mask.
"Okay," she whispered to herself, "I'm going to look at it for only a second, and then I'll see it's absolutely not the Nestine out to get me." Reluctantly and slowly she pulled the sleep mask up over her face. But it wasn't just any old bird or bug outside the window. It was a blank, plastic face staring back in at her. She screamed as the figure smashed into the boutique; shards of shattered class fell in large quantities to the floor. The plastic figure crawled its way through the window while Rarity cowered in a corner, completely defenseless. The figure had just about crawled through the window sill when it stumbled. It fell on its back, and remained so. Much like a turtle on its back the creature tried to struggle to its feet. Rarity, who was sure she was still in danger, could not help but watch this humorous spectacle and giggle. The giggle then broke out into full laughter. Just then the Doctor bust into the room, sonic screwdriver in hand.
"Rarity, are you alright?" Rarity could not say anything; she could only point to the plastic figure desperately trying to right itself. The Doctor watched for a moment in stern disbelief, and then started chuckling himself. He aimed the sonic screwdriver at the figure, clicked the device several times, and stunned it. The moving piece of plastic immediately ceased any movement.
"Doctor," Rarity gasped between fits of laughter, "Was that really a Nestine?"
"No," The Doctor smiled, "That was just an Auton; the servants of the Nestine. They are animated plastic that do the bidding of the consciousness. However this one seems a little off its tick; which can only mean one thing."
"And what would that be?"
"That my guess from before was correct. That the consciousness is operating via a relay emplaced in this dimension. However the connection is really weak, which explains their inability to move efficiently. The consciousness must not be able to get through, so it sent a search party to investigate. But when this usually occurs this means that there are others adding on to the relay to boost the signal." The Doctor walked over to the other side of the mannequin and started shoving it toward the door. "If we can get it out of here and into the TARDIS I can follow the signal to its point of origin. We can then determine the next course of action!" Rarity got up and used her magic to levitate the figure.
"Allow me, Doctor." Rarity winked, and proceeded out the door
"Oh you are brilliant." The Doctor smiled. Both of them walked out the door and into the night, where the TARDIS was awaiting them. The Doctor unlocked the doors, and the both of them walked inside.
"How can you stand living in this place? It's as fashionable as an old tree!"
"Oi! I'll have you know I put a lot of work into this old tree!" The Doctor grumbled. He then walked over to the TARDIS console and opened a small panel beneath the control panel. From that emerged two prongs attached to wires that led to the central controls. The Doctor took these two prongs and placed them on either side of the mannequin's head. "Now; with the head of this here dummy, I can extrapolate the exact location of the signal." The Doctor began flipping several switches and knobs. After flipping the last switch he was able to get the TARDIS to begin its cycle. That same grinding sound filled the air as the machine worked its magic. "Rarity," the Doctor called out, "I need a little bit of your magic to keep the TARDIS at full power! Get a move on!"
"Hpmh! You don't have to be so rude about it," Rarity mumbled as she used some of her magic on the capsules center. She could feel some of her magic draining into the machine, and the more it drained the less awake she felt. How Twilight Sparkle could even manage this, Rarity did not know. It was like having the life force stolen out of your very body!
"Keep her steady now! We're almost there!" Before Rarity could even say anything in response she heard a thump; it was the signal that the TARDIS had landed. She released her grasp on the energy source and collapsed on the floor, mentally and physically exhausted. "Alrighty," The Doctor began, "we're here. I made sure to park a small distance away from the relay, so we shouldn't be noticed for a while." The Doctor walked over to Rarity and steadied her. "The lack of energy is only temporary; you should feel invigorated once you take a step outside and get a breath of fresh air!" Rarity looked at the Doctor with heavy, tired eyes, and then slapped him across the face. "Okay," The doctor muttered, "maybe I deserved that one."
The two of them walked outside into what would seem like the middle of nowhere. It was overgrown and unpopulated, but the trees and surroundings were different from the Everfree Forest. It would seem that they entered an entirely new location, far beyond the jurisdiction of Equestria. The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and immediately began surveying the area around them.
"Wow, you were absolutely right," Rarity exclaimed, "I feel so much better standing out here. Definitely less tired than before."
"Good," The Doctor said, "Now shut up a moment."
"Oh, you rude, insolent-"
"Ssh!" The Doctor looked out from behind one of the trees. Rarity, despite her anger at the Doctor, ambled over to where he was looking. When she saw what she did she immediately regretted going against his orders. Out in the middle of a clearing in the forest were several mannequins, all gathered around some kind of dish. They were adding on more parts to the piece of alien technology, all at the same slow, clumsy pace of the mannequin in the TARDIS.
"What exactly are they doing, Doctor?"
"As I said before," The Doctor whispered, "The Nestine need a stronger relay to fully control their ground troops. A simple dish like this one, even though it is quite large in design, still needs to have an adequate power source to function. Looks like these pieces have been sent through the gap by the consciousness to be assembled down here."
"Why couldn't they send it all down in one piece?"
"The only reason I made it through the gap in the first place is because of the small size of the TARDIS. If they tried to send the entire relay down it would break upon entry to your world, even if they tried to use the same warp shunt technology from our previous engagement. They have to send it in bits to make sure that it stays intact." The two ponies kept on watching as the Autons continued assembling the device. "Rarity, can you do me a favor?"
"What is it?"
"Wait right here. I'm going to go into the TARDIS and fetch a tracking device. I only have one chance at this, much like I will only have one chance later on." The Doctor slowly made his way back into the capsule without making so much as a sound. Rarity kept a watchful eye on the Autons, who seemed too preoccupied to respond to even the smallest of events. The Doctor returned with an incredibly small device, no bigger than a grape. "Alright, this should do it. Get back inside; I won't be long." Rarity nodded and proceeded back into the capsule. The Doctor placed the device inside his mouth, aimed at the dish, and spat it out in a fashion similar to a bullet being fired from a gun. It landed directly in the middle of the relay, just as the Doctor had planned. What he did not plan was that the noise of the landing, a loud and echoing clang, alerted the Autons to his presence.
"Doctor!" Rarity called out just as one of the Autons was aiming its gun arm at the Doctor. He turned around just in time to see it fire, and was able to duck out of the way.
"Rarity, start her engines!" The Doctor raced as fast as he could to the TARDIS and slammed the door shut. He wedged the upper part of his back against the door so that the Autons would not be able to make it through. "We have to leave now!" The Autons had already started firing, and the bolts of laser fire slammed into the door of the ship like massive hammer strikes. The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and aimed it at the console. "Rarity, get to work! I've locked in the coordinates!" Unquestioning, but nearly frightened to death, Rarity began using magic on the controls and they were off in a matter of seconds. For the next few minutes the only thing she heard before she fainted was the Doctor's yelling and the sounds of the grinding TARDIS.
"Wake up. You've caught up on your beauty sleep." The Doctor nuzzled at Rarity, trying to get her to wake up. She came to, and proceeded to slap the Doctor across the face. "I could have done with a simple good morning…"
"We could have been killed! What in the name of sanity were you thinking?!"
"Oi, it worked, didn't it? We got through it together!"
"I have never been so scared in all my life! I hope you know that, Doctor!" The Doctor looked at her with honest eyes.
"Rarity; I would never have let you come into harm's way if I didn't know how to keep you safe." Rarity was taken aback by that statement, and for a moment she found herself trusting the Doctor again. Somehow, in that simple set of words, she could trust him. That was when she noticed a melted plastic silhouette on the grating of the TARDIS's floor.
"Doctor, what happened to the Auton we had on board?"
"Melted," The Doctor grumbled, "The Autons have a safety measure that allows them to automatically melt in case of capture… I think this one's safety protocols kicked in a little too late, and while we were escaping it simply sagged and spilt into the floor. Better it than us, aye?" Rarity looked at the doctor in amusement.
"You have quite the way with words, Doctor, but that does not mean I am any less cross with you. Please let me know the danger before you throw me into another one of these 'adventures' of yours." The Doctor smiled.
"I'll be sure to remember that one." He began to walk toward the doors of the TARDIS when he turned around 180 degrees right on the spot. "Oh, that reminds me, I will be needing you for another task." Rarity sighed and forced a smile.
"And what task is that, Doctor?"
"Just a simple one," The Doctor grinned, "I need you to get Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash for me first. Then, once I have gathered the materials, I will need all three of you." He ran over to the other side of the console and walked over to a wall. He then activated a panel on the wall and a small door opened up in front of him. "Do try to hurry, but don't strain yourself." The Doctor smiled and ran through the doorway into the deep corridors of the TARDIS. Rarity complained to herself, but carried through with the Doctor's orders.
"The Doctor needs us; again?" Rainbow Dash mumbled as the three ponies walked toward the entrance of the capsule.
"He said it was a task for all three of us." Rarity rebutted.
"I'm sure it will be fine," Twilight Sparkle nodded, "After all, the Doctor knows exactly what he's doing." Not too long after she uttered the last word did a casing fly out of the TARDIS door. All three of them managed to duck out of the way as the casing lodged itself into the trunk of a nearby tree. When they looked inside the Doctor was assembling something; his attention entirely focused on a long, spear like device. They proceeded into the time machine with caution, making sure to avoid any other flying pieces.
"Not to worry everyone; or everypony, as you folk say. That chunk was just an over magnetized clamp lock that had an excessive buildup of static electricity… I don't think I'll need it anyway." He used his sonic screwdriver to fasten a circuit board to the back of the spear as he kept talking.
"Right," Rainbow Dash mumbled, "So what is it that you need us for, Doctor?"
"Oh yes! I need the two of you, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, to fly the TARDIS again." The two ponies groaned and whined, but proceeded to their stations. "As for you, Rarity… have you ever thrown a spear before?"
"Have I what?"
"It's really easy. All you have to do is simply aim the shaft and launch it forward." The Doctor demonstrated using his hoof.
"I can't just use my hoof to launch THAT thing! I mean, I could strain my arm! I've never done something quite like it before; what if I break something, or what if I miss? There are so many stressful things that could happen if I try that I don't even want to try and think of them!" The Doctor looked at her with a blank, yet slightly bemused expression.
"I think it would be much easier and less harmful to launch this projectile with your magic." Rarity was reluctant at first, but nodded.
"I can launch that spear with my magic, yes." Rarity replied, "But Doctor; what exactly is that spear? It has so many different things attached to it."
"This," The Doctor began, "Is a makeshift EMP device. EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. These things have been used many times by many different races, and are considered to be a universally shared technology!" The Doctor picked up the spear. "What it does is that it generates a certain amount of electricity that overloads a calibrated circuit. In short, stab this into any machine and it will go ka-boom!"
"And I take it we plan to toss this device into the Nestine relay?"
"Oh yes. But it isn't going to be so simple. The Autons most likely have the entire area reinforced, and if we don't make it in the first three tries we might just be looking at an Auton invasion."
"What happens after the first three tries?"
"Well, the TARDIS shields would go down, and us along with it. And trust me; a TARDIS exploding isn't the most exciting thing in the universe. Well, technically it is, but the universe won't be around to see it." Rarity nodded, despite being utterly confused. "Now that everything has been explained I will need to you take your post like the others. Rainbow Dash should be hooked up outside; Twilight Sparkle and I will be manning the controls in here. I need you to be positioned at the door, ready to toss the EMP at will. Remember, Rarity; we only get one shot at this. If the Autons keep us in the air for as long as they can they will have no problem shooting us down."
It was already in the afternoon by the time they were ready to take off. The wind howled in Rainbow Dash's ear; just the way she liked it. The TARDIS was fairly steady this time, but the Doctor and Twilight Sparkle struggled at the controls. They had already been flying for a couple of hours, and they were just about to go beyond the borders of Equestria. "Alright, Rarity, we are just about there! Take aim behind one of the door panels; When we do go in we're going in hot!" Rarity nodded and took her place behind the left door panel. With the spear held above her she could make out the same forest clearing from before. At first she couldn't believe what she was seeing, but then it dawned on her; those Autons were faster workers then they were movers. The relay had not only increased in size, but it was also active, judging from the glowing lights within.
"Doctor," Rarity called out, "The Auton machine is active!"
"Blast! We'll have to make this quick!" The Doctor slammed one of the levers, and immediately the TARDIS changed course.
"H-Hey! How about a little warning before you do that, huh?!" Rainbow Dash yelled out.
"No time to," The Doctor responded, "We have to drop this thing as soon as possible!" That was when the first few shots broke out. The left side of the TARDIS took the most damage as the Autons opened fire. The inside of the capsule rocked back and forth, almost causing Twilight Sparkle to fall down. Rainbow Dash knew that this was no time for games, and immediately began evasive maneuvers. The inside of the ship was already shaking a considerable amount, but the Doctor and his friends stood fast. Rarity aimed at the relay down below, but knew that at their current distance she would not be able to make the shot.
"Rainbow; I need you to get in closer!"
"What," Rainbow Dash gasped, "Are you insane?!"
"I can't make the throw from all the way out here! I need to get in closer to make the toss!" Rainbow Dash nodded and tried her best to get in closer as Auton lasers arced across the sky next to them. She dodged shot after shot, making sure that the TARDIS and its precious cargo came to no harm. That was when one of the shots made a lucky hit. It just barely passed over Rainbow Dash's right shoulder, but it burned like dragon's breath. She screamed, and began to buckle under the pain.
"Rainbow," The Doctor yelled out, "Are you alright?!"
"I'm fine," She called back, "never been better!" She fought the pain, moving the TARDIS in closer and closer. The Autons were aiming their weapons at her now, but that made it easier to evade. Before she even knew it the capsule was already closing in over the top of the relay. "Rarity," Rainbow Dash screamed over her own pain, "Fire at will!" Rarity immediately tossed the spear out of the door. The spear flew through the air like a majestic bird of prey, and then lodged itself into the torso of an Auton. The plastic creature tried desperately to pull the device out, but the prongs were lodged into its back.
"Doctor," Rarity shouted, "I couldn't make the throw! I only hit an Auton with it!"
"That's as close as it needs to be!" The Doctor threw back a lever on the controls. "Take us up, Rainbow! This thing is going to be spectacular when it goes off!" the TARDIS frantically climbed in altitude, going higher and higher before finally leveling. "Alright girls," The Doctor yelled, "You're about to witness the fruits of your labor!" At first nothing happened. Then, from the bottom of the forest a spark could be seen. Then, a humongous sphere of electricity emerged from the forest floor, spanning a radius even larger than the relay itself. The detonation was akin to that of a crack of thunder, and when the field dissipated, the relay started moving. At first it looked like it was retracting into the ground, but it was actually collapsing. The sound of bending girders and exploding fuel cells echoed across the forest as the Nestine relay fell to the forest floor, then combusted into a spectacular cloud of plasma and fire. All of the ponies looked on in amazement as the once gargantuan device crumbled like a badly built child's toy. Only the Doctor, who had been so happy just moments before, looked over the explosion with utter fury. It wasn't just any kind of anger; it was the genuine anger of a Time Lord.
When they got home Rarity and Fluttershy tended to Rainbow Dash's wounds. Luckily the burn was not too serious, and could be healed with simple healing magic.
"Just hold still," Rarity ordered, "I may not be the best at healing, but I am completely capable of doing so.
"Just ease up on the pressure," Rainbow Dash whined, "that burn hurts really badly."
"I'm sure of it," Fluttershy whispered gently, "You have to be more careful with what you get yourself into next time, Dashie"
The Doctor was taking a nap near Twilight Sparkle's bed; he said that all of them deserved a good rest, but Twilight Sparkle couldn't sleep just yet. She had to write a letter to the princess before she even thought of rest.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I am really starting to think that the Doctor is only telling us a small fraction of what he actually knows. Today he took us on an adventure to defeat an ancient enemy of his. I am flattered that the Doctor would even entrust us with fighting the Nestine as he calls them. The course of action we took was dangerous, and he had one of my friends, Rarity, land the deciding blow. With Rarity not being the type to fight anyone I have learned that the Doctor holds trust and knowledge hand in hand. I still cannot wait until you find the time to visit me. I want to show you just how amazing the Doctor truly is.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle was just about to hand the letter to spike when she saw something in her mirror. It was a face; a blank, metal face. It looked like a pony's face, and yet it didn't. She rubbed her eyes to make sure she was fully awake, but when she tried to look at it again it had vanished. She shrugged, and finally handed the letter to Spike. "Send this to princess Celestia as soon as you possibly can, Spike."
"Right on it, Twi!" Spike inhaled, and blew green fire all over the letter. It vanished into thin air, and just as it did the Doctor approached them both.
"An organic, matter based relay! I've never seen one of those before. Not even after 900 years… you'd think I'd come across something similar sooner or later, but it just doesn't happen that way. I guess I owe it to luck in the end!"
"Doctor; how are you feeling?" Twilight Sparkle smiled.
"Perfect; I've definitely never had a better rest. Or any rest at all, now that I think of it. I'm a bit of an insomniac, I am." He smiled, and leaned on top of Spike's head. Spike tried to crawl out from under him, but failing to do so he just sat there angrily staring at Twilight Sparkle. "So! Now that everything has been done and accounted for, what adventure should we take on next?"
"Oh, I think I've got one in mind."
"Really now?" Twilight Sparkle grinned at the Doctor. Spike suddenly burped, and a message appeared from out of his fiery belch. Twilight Sparkle opened the letter and a bright smile stretched across her face.
"I want you to go and meet Princess Celestia, our noble and great ruler."
"Oh! Oh. And to think I'm already on bad terms with the Queen of England!"
"Where is this England you speak of, Doctor?"
"I think I'll tell you some other time…"
Another Episode of Doctor Whoof!

Take note, I did these episodes two weeks prior, so I don't just pump these out whilly nilly.

Doctor Who is (C) to the BBC
MLP is (C) to HUB Entertainment
Story written by Jonathan Lopez (TheGoldenCrowbar)
Edited by Aragon Draco
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nah if I know Celestia, she and the Doctor will get along fine, anyway good work
BlackRose11A Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

well maybe but to me luna would be almost best friends

i don't know why

InvaderIka Jul 26, 2011  Student General Artist
I still love these stories you make!! Can you do a third story in this particular set of Doctor Whoof storys??
There are already three different stories. There's the whole Doctor Whoof original saga, which lasts 10 episodes, the Tales of Pond saga, which also lasts 10 episodes, and the Death to The Doctor finale, which is only 5 chapters long.

I also have a Torchwood series going on right now, which is very close to completion. ^^
InvaderIka Aug 4, 2011  Student General Artist
O really?
InvaderIka Aug 4, 2011  Student General Artist
After reading the word "mannequin" I'm guessing Autons/The Nestene Consciousness. I'll be back after I finish the story to report to Celestia on whether I was right or not.
You might just be correct. :3
Dear Princess Celestia,

After reading this story I realized I really must get out more.If I can guess the villain of a Doctor Who story from one word I really must not have much of a social life. I also learned that the author of this story doesn't know how to spell Nestene. Not that I can blame him, of course, it's not like they ever showed the spelling on-screen in Doctor Who. In fact I only know how to spell it from trawling the Doctor Who Wiki, again reiterating my lack of a social life.

Your Nerdy Student,
Solar Monopoly

P.S. I'm predicting that the "blank, metal-faced pony" is the pony equivalent of a Cyberman.
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